Monday, November 23, 2015

T Stands for Museum Post

Hi everyone! I had hoped to finish up my museum posts last Tuesday, but life keeps getting in the way. This past week I was busy both Monday and Tuesday, and did not have the foresight to start my post early as I am doing now! I hope you are not getting tired of seeing these, but I promise I am almost done!

We are now up to Room 4 which represents Summer in all it glorious bright colors!
Although this is not the best photo, it gives a good idea of the larger display in this room. The branches are hanging from the ceiling and form a sort of enclosure for the flowers.
These vibrant purple and blue flowers were among my favorites. I don't know who made these, but they are stunning in person. Behind them, you can just barely see some bleeding hearts that I crafted.
This display was on another wall in the Summer room. The fencing was in place so no one would touch the flowers which were mostly berries. In the next photo, you can see how they actually had to build a wall so they could attach the stems.
I'm still on a high as I look at these photos again and again and can't believe it happened! Of course it has energized me to keep making and perfecting more flowers....
Ice Crystals

Pink Bleeding Hearts
Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me as I continue to document the museum exhibit. I'm sharing with Elizabeth and the T Stands For Tuesday gang. I'll share my cup of tea, too!
I want to wish everyone who celebrates a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I apologize for not being such a regular visitor lately. DD has found an apartment to  rent, again in NYC, and we plan to move her in on Sunday. After that, hopefully, my time will be more my own.

Monday, November 9, 2015

T Stands For Spring

Hi Everyone! Yes, for this post T stands for Spring, at least in the world of beaded flowers. This is a peak into the third room at the museum. It consisted on one long table filled with lots and lots of small flowers. It was of if they were just emerging. There were over 700 beaded flowers in this exhibit.

Again, the flowers emerging from last year's leaves is just brilliant!

I'm back to making flowers for my shop now and hope to get it a little fuller by the holidays. It is hard to keep up with everything--housework and cooking keep getting in the way! I still hope to make my own Christmas cards this year, but that may be just a little too ambitious. We shall see! In any case, here are just a few things I've finished recently:
Trillium Berry Candle Ring Wreath 

This is the gift I made for my friend, the person who owns all the flowers in the exhibit.  I used Nicole's Bead Backing as the base for the card that I added bead embroidery to.  The water lily is made with all vintage glass beads that I "inherited" from a family friend.
Southern Magnolia

 As you can see, I have been keeping busy! We've had warm weather for this time of year and have been able to get out most days for a walk...Enjoying every last one of them before the cold moves in for good, and drinking lots of water.
My blurry glass of water, but really, it is crystal clear!
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Northern Gannet

This post originally aired on April 7, 2009 and is being shared again today in conjunction with Altered Book Lover's Second Look on the Second.  The second of the month is when we go through our older posts and share one of our favorites or one that current followers may not have seen. Feel free to join along by posting yours and linking up with Elizabeth at the above link. This painting remains one of my favorites!

The Northern Gannet is a member of the Booby family of plunge/diving birds. They can dive as far down as 130 feet to catch the fish they eat. They are the most common type of Bobby, found from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

This is my latest oil painting in which I tried to capture these strong beautiful birds. The paint is still a little wet so I haven't signed it yet, but that is all that is left to do!

Have a great weekend!