Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T Stands For A Walk Thru A Few Rooms

Hi Everyone! I am joining Elizabeth and the T Tuesday gang with yesterday's lunchtime cup of Jerry Cherry tea and some Italian Lady Fingers.
I have to admit that I much prefer the softer lady fingers that I grew up with--you know, the kind that most people line their pans with when they make tiramisu? Of course, that has driven their price way up with the popularity of this trendy dessert (which I am also not that fond of), so I "settle" for these.  Ok, getting off my stovebox and on to a look at the show at the museum.

This is the first room you enter which served as a little introductory to the craft. The sign explains the historical origins of flower beading and if I remember correctly introduces the theme of how everything changes with the passage of time. Combined with last year's leaves and dried botanical elements from the grounds of the museum it reminds us that all is transient in this world. It also gives hope by showing the changing of the seasons and the promise of new life. (Heavy thoughts!)
Yes, a rare photo of me! The solid purple flowers are my work, and the others belong to an artist from Utah who also traveled to Stockholm with her family, so we were both pretty much blown away from this first room. In this room was also a case that held some historical pamphlets and a vintage beaded sampler about flowers. From there you walked through black drapes into this room:

This room represented Winter. It was dark with spotlights on each of 6 arrangements in silver and white and muted color schemes. The bottom right photo shows the ceiling and there was soft tinkling music in the room. These three are my work. I just fell in love with the shadows!

That's all I have time for today. Thanks for stopping by for a cup of tea!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

T Stands for T-bana

Hi everyone! I've been so busy since I returned home that I have not even had time to edit my photos let alone create art. 
I do always have time for tea and try to join in on Tuesdays with Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday group. It is a fun and supportive group!

It is not entirely true that I did not have time to make art, but what I made are gifts that I will show after they get to the recipients. In the meantime, I will share some art from my trip.
The Tunnelbana, T-bana, or T as it became known is the underground train system in Sweden which is very efficient and easy to use. There are three color coded lines with very easy to read maps.  I was impressed with the art in some of the stations as you proceeded to the carded entry to the tracks.
The art celebrated Swedish artists and other notables.
It was really hard to show the perspective on this, but sometimes there were multiple escalators down to the tracks with at least one of them taking over a minute to descend.  The red "cage" in the right of the photo held an elevator which in this case was more like an incline railway. We tried it on the way up.
There was even art decorating the elevator cage on the way down the escalator.
At the bottom before getting to the tracks, one is often treated to more art in the form of painting on the walls and ceiling. This was one of the more lighted stations so the photo came out reasonably well.
The tracks were well marked, and some of the stations even had suitcase carts that could be used.
Another useful thing were the digital boards that told you how soon each train would be arriving--and they were very prompt!!

I'll share one last photo--my avocado--before going off to visit everyone....
Happy T Day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

T Stands For Warning! Long Post!

Very wordy post ahead....T Tuesday friends can scroll to the bottom for my tea contribution.

Hi Everyone! I am back from Stockholm, filled with amazing memories and energy! As you might remember, I went to attend the opening of an exhibition of beaded flowers that included some of my work. What I did not know beforehand was that it was the entire first floor of the museum and my flowers were everywhere! To say I was shocked, stunned like a deer in headlights and just downright out of my comfort zone is putting it mildly.This was a huge deal in Sweden and was attended by famous Swedish artists, a famous TV personality who gave a talk, as well as everyone and anyone connected with the book and/or exhibition. It was covered by the top two newspapers in Sweden, made it into design magazines and the SAS Traveler--the magazine they put in the lounges and seat pocket of the airplanes.
Here is just a peak as I have not had a chance to go through all my photos yet....
The burgundy lilies in the vase in the foreground are some of my work.  If you would care to see more, you can visit the Facebook page of the Thiel Gallery here. For those not on Facebook, I  will be posting more photos when I get a chance. The Museum has a very interesting history that you can read about here.

The book launch on Friday night was surreal--invited guests only. I can't tell you how many people came up to me wanting to meet me, hear my story and inspiration. I just kept thinking someone was going to pinch me and I would wake up! Unfortunately, at the moment the book is not available in the US, but I have been told it is available all over Europe and Canada.

The next day was the opening, again there was a short talk by the aforementioned TV personality then a question and answer with the museum curator, my friend, and the floral designer, Gunnar Kaj. Gunnar's website has plenty of photos of the exhibition also. At the end of the talk, my friend introduces me, and the whole room turned around (I was standing in the back) and just started applauding! Talk about a "Sally Field Moment"! How did I walk into this world???

I can keep talking, but won't right now, because today is Tuesday....and I want to show you just two of the gifts (we each got a set) my friend sent us home with...
He knows I only drink tea and we love moose. Isn't this just the cutest mug and tea strainer? Our hotel had loose leaf Swedish Tea called "Mambo Jambo" that I absolutely loved. I am on a mission to find at least something similar that I can order as I went to two tea shops in Stockholm, but they did not carry it. It has to be ordered and as you can image, ordering it to the US is cost prohibitive. I can't wait to get caught up with all my T Stands For Tuesday friends--be patient, it will take me awhile!

Thanks for visiting and reading my happy news!