Monday, August 24, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! Life has been pretty busy around here, and I missed visiting with my Tea friends last week.  So what have I been up to? First  a custom order for a bride-to-be who wanted some roses to make a brooch bouquet.
They look a little plain, but she is going to add her brooches in the center of each flower.

I've been dreaming about a has been several years since we have been away and I am ready! When my art starts looking like my dreams, it is time for action! Unfortunately, I cannot share my travel plans publicly just yet, but I can share my art....
I just completed this mermaid suncatcher. I always start with an original drawing that I use as a guide for the frame, and then start filling it in with beads. In some fashion, our vacations always take us over, on, or near water.

My latest Tea page may have you thinking we are going on a cruise, but that is incorrect. We are, however, going to be around a lot of water (and land) which has the old Frankie Ford song, "Sea Cruise", playing in my head and influencing my page.
In fact, the ladies in the tea cup towed by the teapot "ship" are swinging to the music!
Here are some ladies looking out the portholes, waiting for their turn in the tea cup.
Singing stars belting out those famous lyrics that get stuck in your head. And finally,
Some lace that made some nice waves.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! Well, I am here again, finally! Where does the time go?  I have not had much time for crafting, but I have had some time to whittle down some supplies that are no longer going to be used.  I have a lot of well-meaning friends and neighbors who over the years have given me tons of supplies that their relatives have owned or they have moved on from themselves.  I took it all gladly at the time; however, as time marches on and I see what I have not used, I have begun to take the attitude that if I have not used it by now, it is time for it to go!  But on to my T Tuesday post:

I am able now to share the ATC that I received from Julia, all the way from England!
The ATC came tucking inside this awesome pear card! The teacup is a piece of chipboard (I think) and is dimensional in case you cannot tell!
She even decorated the back and commemorated T Tuesday's 2nd Anniversary in her awesome handwriting! Thank you so much, Julia, I love it!

My glass is way less than full right now, but not my attitude, I've just been drinking a lot of water. Speaking of water....
Look at my avocado growing! Thanks to Patty who gave me a tip to put it in a bigger jar, the roots are growing as well as the top!  I can't bring myself to chop off the top as some directions suggest because it is doing so well.  I wonder if that seed case will ever break away completely?
And since you got a little peak...these are the cacti that I am growing from seeds--they are doing really well, too.

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