Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tea Stands For Tuesday Tea Journal

Hi Everyone! I've been working in my Tea Journal AB again. One day I sat down and just played with backgrounds, and I've found having some ready has freed me to think of working on just the quote, if that makes sense. Anyway here is the latest....
I doodled the flowers in sharpie marker and added some rose themed embellishments. You can click to enlarge the photo to see the quote and details.

I also played around with the macro setting on my (daughter's) camera. My orange Lilies are all in bloom, and I was surprised when I got such good photos of the little visitor. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and joining me for T Tuesday.  Here is the link to today's post on Altered Book Lover's blog.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

SOC 2015 Week 3

Hi Everyone! This week we are using my favorite color, purple! One would think that it would be very easy for me to design something using two purples with one yellow....but I really struggled. When all else fails...
there is always beading and Butterflies! I strung a random mix of two purples, one opaque (which looks almost blue on my laptop), and one darker transparent.  I used some light lemony yellow cut tubes as wing borders.
Doesn't it look nice in my Christmas Cactus? 

One morning when I was in that dream state of not really asleep or awake, a new design for Butterfly bodies and antennae popped into my mind.  I thought of a way to make it all on one wire which made it sturdier and more secure.  What a bonus SOC has been for me this week!

Thanks for stopping by.  You can visit our host's blog, Twinkle, Twinkle SOC and see what everyone else has come up with.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! I'm later than usual for T today since I am running in and out going to appointments and doing errands. I did pop home for a few minutes to have lunch and took one quick photo. It seems I am having a red day today...
although the tea tag is technically purple since I am drinking Darjeeling this afternoon. It is hot and humid today and I'm rushing around to finish before the predicted thunderstorms start.

I have been enjoying the cardinals flying around in our backyard. I even saw a pair today that I think are nesting in the tall hedges around our house. They inspired me to make this  suncatcher.

I'm even reading a book with a red cover!

Thanks for stopping by...sorry to be in such a rush, but I'll be by to visit everyone a bit later on!

Friday, June 19, 2015

SOC Week 2

Hi Everyone! This week for SOC we are playing with two pinks and an orange. That combination always reminds me of sherbert! I had something totally different in mind, but this NY heat and (especially) humidity prevented my piece from drying in time for me to finish it. I'll have to save it for the next appropriate color combination. 
I used an orange Spectrum Noir alcohol marker for the background of this art card.  The dark and light pink washi tape allowed some of the orange color to show through which inspired me to stamp the flamingo (in dark pink) on some velum. I lightly colored the reverse side and rough cut it out so again, the orange would show through. The flowers were hand drawn and cut from paint chips.  I almost have a theme going here with this quote and the last one being self inspirational.

Thanks for visiting! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I needed some bling

Hi Everyone! I decided to make myself some jewelry to wear to a graduation (family) party this weekend.  Usually I match the jewelry to my outfit, but since I haven't decided what I am wearing yet, I went with my favorite color (purple) and some components that I fell in love with and have had in my stash for way too long!
I had purchased these channel components, called Katiedids, so long ago I forgot I had them. Has that ever happened to you?  Anyway, while organizing I came upon them and found this earring on the designers blog.
I used the straight channel component to make a matching pendant. Both of these pieces were inspired by:
The connectors in this bracelet. Horrible photo, I know. I tried twice, but with all the sparkle, it was so hard to photograph. The green beads do match the green leaves in the connectors, and I used the same purple crystals to link all the connectors together.
Here is everything all together! I always try to wear something new and fun at our family parties--I think the women at least look for what is new on me.  It is not unusual for me to whip off what I've made and give it away to one of the admirers, but I think I will be keeping this set for myself!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 15, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! It's time again to share what we've been up to with Elizabeth and the rest of the T Tuesday gang.

I'll start off with showing the newest spread in my tea journal:
The quote brought to mind a Disney Amusement Park ride called Peter Pan, where the "cars" that transport you though the ride are pirate ships suspended on wires. 
I already had this cruise ship scrapbooking element in my stash, so I decided to hang it from a crescent moon.  I free-form cut the buildings on the bottom and may add some lighted windows here and there. I couldn't decide by the time of this post.
The quote reads, "Each cup of Tea represents an imaginary voyage". I cut the word "tea" from a tea bag in keeping with my theme of trying to use a tea bag, tag or packet on each page.

Sunday was a long, hot, tiring day.  We drove to Brooklyn (NY) to help our daughter pack up and move out of her apartment. You may remember she took over a friend's lease when they moved out which ends at the end of this month.  Her boyfriend drove a rental truck while I drove our van. Both were loaded full with belongings carried down two flights of stairs.  Next it was on to Astoria (Queens, NY) by congested highways where our daughter had rented a storage unit to store things she would not need until the next apartment. After returning the truck we parked and walked to a German Restaurant that our daughter and boyfriend had been to before.  It was a very small place and packed this Sunday, so I will direct you to the link because it was too awkward to try and take photos.

I had a beer and cheese bratwurst on a pretzel bun topped with German sauerkraut and caramelized onions. It was absolutely delicious! After the day spent sweating, we all drank two huge glasses of ice water. Each couple shared an apple strudel for dessert which was served warm with vanilla sauce.  It is a good thing we had to walk back to the car before spending at least 2 hours getting home.  

Elizabeth asked our opinion of when her post should go live....Well, I will say whatever works best for her. I do my best to link up every week, but sometimes life just gets in the way. The fault lies with me not when the post goes up. I just need to plan ahead.  Thank you, E, as always for organizing T Tuesday and for always visiting with such supportive comments.

Friday, June 12, 2015

SOC- Week 1

Hi Everyone! I'm participating in SOC, and the color theme for this week is Blue, Blue, Green! If you aren't familiar with with this challenge, click on the button in my sidebar for more info.

Our host, Kristin, is doing things a little bit different this year. It has always been a color challenge (duh, SOC, Summer of Color), but this year instead of requiring we create with a specific shade of color,  we can use any shade we want.

I created a very simple art card, done in watercolor, of a sea turtle.
I used aqua blue for the background to which I added some kosher salt while it was still wet. I removed it a little too quickly--before it dried--but I still like the texture it gave.  The shell is a deeper marine blue that I decorated with pigma pen, and the turtle is bright spring green.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hi everyone! I have been neglecting my blog lately, but all is well here--just extremely busy. I want to create and post, I really do, but life keeps pulling me in all different directions. I've been taking time to do the kinds of things around the house and yard that one does when the weather turns warm.  We are also preparing for our daughter to move back home for at least the summer. We all thought this was going to happen at the end of June, but circumstances made her decide leave her apartment and come home earlier--as in this Sunday! So I have been scurrying around pulling out the packing boxes, suitcases and tubs in preparation. She plans to store some things in a storage unit so that will be helpful. Don't get me wrong--I am happy, but I thought I was going to have a little more time!

So, I never got around to posting for T Stands For Tuesday, but I had planned to show our blooming peonies and the beaded ones they inspired me to make.

I hope I can at least be inspired to create something for SOC and get it posted by the end of the week.

I hope you will all forgive me for not visiting as often...until my life's road straightens out again.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

T Tuesday Meets Second on the 2nd

Hi everyone! If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I usually share a post on Tuesdays that is T(ea) related and curated by Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover.  She also started a monthly second look on the 2nd where we post a favorite post from the past.  This week since both happen on the same day, it was only fitting that I pick a favorite T related post. This one is from June of 2014 so likely the tea gang has already seen it, but I altered it to include Squiggles now, too.

My T(ea) post today is dedicated to Bleubeard and now Squiggles, too. It is not meant as a "shopping" post but just to showcase some really cute cat related tea items I have come across on the web.  Of course, I have added links to give credit to those I "borrowed" the photos from, and of course, I am linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T on Tuesday! So let the eye candy begin!
Here is a cute tutorial from The Sunday Girl for creating your own kitty inspired art on a porcelain tea cup.
Animal World has a lot of different styles of cat mugs, but this one is my favorite.  First, because it is purple.  Second, you could sort of warn your family or friends what kind of day it is!
Everyone needs a cute tea pot! I found Chester on Amazon.

Here is a cute "tea for one" set found here.
For those who like leaf tea...I even came across a cat tea infuser.  Don't worry, no cats will be harmed--he sits on the edge of your cup holding the fishy tea ball's chain.
Lastly, here are some cat tea bags....yes, for cats....filled with organic catnip!

Have a great T day and 2nd of June and thanks for stopping by!