Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T Stands For Tea Journal Art

Hi Everyone! Our daughter's graduation was a wonderful day, beginning with meeting her at her job so we could see where she spends her day and ending with dinner at a local restaurant. Of course, along the way there were many photos
Here she is in cap, gown, & hood (the colorful piece hanging down the back) looking towards the Empire State Building.  We took most of our photos prior to the actual ceremony since she had to turn in the gown & hood right after the graduation. It was sort of surreal to be sitting in the Theater at Madison Square Garden (a venue that is more associated with sporting events and concerts than graduations), remembering the last time we were there about 15 years ago to see a production of A Christmas Carol! Who thought we would be there for graduation?

Now that things have quieted down, LOL, I have had more time to enjoy some crafting....
Here is the latest page in my tea journal--close ups coming, but I wanted to show two WIPs and that my desk is definitely filled with craft projects again now!
This is the more interesting page that contains the tea quote I found.  I thought it would be fun to add the pictures to illustrate each thought.  I actually did the accompanying page first which is basically just a piece
of scrapbook paper I had that I added gem fasteners to.  I later added the washi tape to both pages to try to tie them together.

Thanks for visiting! I am linking to our Tuesday host, Altered Book Lover, and once again thank Elizabeth for all her efforts in running our group.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

T Stands For 3 Degrees of Success

Hi Everyone!  It is a rainy, thundery day, so I am glad I remembered to run outside last night and take some photos of my flowers--the first degree of success!  The new soil is a success
and most of the flower seeds have already started to come up......
Not too bad for just a week! Don't these look like little green
dragonflies?  I never plan out or make a record of what seed I plant where, so I don't remember what these are. It seems more fun that way!
My peony is doing very well already this year after hardly growing at all last summer.  No, I did not change the dirt here, just some years it seems to do better than others. Speaking of flowers....
Here is the Hydrangea I showed you the parts of last week, all finished and stemmed. I'm working on the 2nd one in a slightly lighter shade of blue. They will join the 5 others I made previously, 3 others of which are shown in this post. My 2nd degree of success.
My 3rd degree of success is that having finished my Spring Cleaning (except for shampooing the carpets,which has to wait for warmer weather), I actually had time to work in my Altered Tea Journal.  While surfing the web hoping to be inspired, I came across some random facts about tea that I thought would make a good spread.
Originally, I wrote out all the facts, but then felt it looked too plain, so I cut out appropriate tea words from a catalog & fancied it up.
I'm not sure you can read any of the facts because I could not take the book outside to photograph, but I think you get the gist.  I'm sharing this with Altered Book Lover for T Stands For Tuesday. 

Perhaps, my biggest success, or at least the most important....

Tomorrow, DH & I will celebrate our DD's success...her Master's Degree in Publishing! (At 22!) I usually keep most of the private stuff private--can't think too many people are actually interested--but if I can brag for just a minute...She achieved straight A's and just heard last night that she got an "A" on her thesis also! We are out of adjectives to describe how proud we are of her! She told us the nicest thing the other day...several of her close friends were talking & they told her they want to "meet the people who made her" because she is just awesome. See why I feel this is my biggest success? Yes, tomorrow is going to be a great day!  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

T Stands For Busy Busy!

Hi everyone! The weeks just fly by and it has been hard to balance what I want to do with what I have to do. I really have not had anything interesting to share with Altered Book Lover's tea group since most of my time has been spent off the computer lately.  I wish I could say it was doing art.....

Some of my time has gone to cleaning up the yard with DH....last year we decided to replace all the dirt in our containers but erroneously bought "top soil" rather than garden soil. It wound up have an oily smell to it, but worse than that, when it got wet and then dried, it turned hard as cement.  Needless to say, the seeds I planted didn't have a chance of popping through that!
A lot of iced tea was consumed with the changing of the dirt and planting of seeds as this area gets full sun most of the day.  Have you every tried "cold brewed" tea?  For a quick glass, it was not bad, and I was pleased that it actually has a strong brewed flavor.
Some of my time has been spent working on two more Hydrangeas, one of which you can see the parts of above.  Each grouping has 10 florets, and 5 groups make up a head.  This is part of a big project that I have been working on with a customer--the details of which I will be able to share in a few months.
Alas, my poor basil plant has about had it....I did use most of the leaves in the huge pot of pasta sauce I made, but it just has not come back from its jump into the sink after the window broke. (Which has also now been replaced) I had already planted some basil seeds, so I should still have basil come summer.

The rest of my time is being spent Spring cleaning and getting ready for the return of DD for at least the summer.  Her graduation ceremony (Graduate School) is May 20 and with one more month left on the lease of the apartment she is staying in, she has decided to move home again until a friend she wants to room with is ready--probably in a few months. 

Thanks for coming by! I'll visit everyone throughout the day when window washing becomes a drag!