Friday, February 27, 2015

APC #24

Hi everyone! The theme this week is washi tape!  This was a fun project where I used what I had and didn't really have to fuss too much. We simply covered our cards with strips of washi tape in a pleasing combination:
For the first card, I used a purchased die cut that reminded me of a delivery horse and found some odds and ends in my stash that echoed the theme of travel.
I backed the die cut with black paper to make it stand out more.  Done! I really liked how Claudine did the second card.  Of course, this would have been much easier with a die cutter....but after three tries, here is what I came up with:
I used some black lined paper from a spiral notebook, and this was the best effort out of the three.  I was a little unhappy that it did not come out centered, but since I planned to write this quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne, I thought I could probably make it fit better anyway!

Just three more weeks to go!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate all your comments and encouragement! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! I'm posting early this time since I knew I would not be available tomorrow.  All is well--just getting out for some fresh air. I could tell you about the 5-6" snowfall we had over the weekend, but that is getting pretty boring. Sunday brought 40 degree temperatures so much of that new snowfall melted, and you are probably relieved to hear there won't be any more icicle photos as they have all melted, too. Today I'm sharing another page in my Tea Altered Book Journal....I somehow neglected to take a photo of both pages, so here they are one at a time:
I used some tissue paper in gesso to get a little texture on this page--even though much of it turned out to be covered by the images.  Two colors of acrylic paint were used-one for a base and the second to make some wavy lines. "Life is simple"
"Just add water".   I found the quote on Pinterest and lucked out with this image I found in my stash.  The letters of the quote were all individually drawn and cut out of a travel brochure. After I glued them down, I realized there wasn't much contrast, so white pen to the rescue!

As much as I love tea, I think I could use some "paradise" right about now.  Hurry Spring, please!

Happy T Day! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 20, 2015

APC #23

Hi Everyone! Today I am sharing my latest altered playing cards. As always, you can click on the link in my sidebar to see Claudine's examples.  This week we were playing with masks. Here are my cards together:
Since I did not have "real" masks, I tried to use stickers with mixed results as you can see above.  Had I given it more thought, I might have tried contact paper or something stickier.
After painting a light background, the idea was to mask what you wanted to stay that color and then use a darker color to go over everything.  Before removing the stickers, I used a large stamp to make an all over design. Upon removing the stamps, I saw some of the second layer seeped under, but since it wasn't too bad, I continued on, stamping the hot air balloon images.
I went with the same process here, but should have used a darker second layer since you can hardly see (even in person) the masks in the upper left and lower right hand corners.  I completed the card without putting too much effort into it since I was really not all that happy. Oh well, not everything works out perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone!  Time to share your favorite beverage and visit with Elizabeth and Bleubeard and the rest of the Tuesday T posters. I am sitting here this morning with one of my favorite breakfast teas, English Breakfast,
as I watch the snow falling down, yet again. This time it is a small snowfall and I think we will make our appointments this afternoon that had been rescheduled from the last time it snowed.

Today I am sharing my finished heart/sunflower box.  If you missed part one, you can see it here.I have decided to leave the box unvarnished mostly because the wood of the heart and the wood of the box are very different and I am not sure they will look the same.

 As you can see, I went with wood burning on the four sides of the box, too.  I previously thought I might add wood hearts, but didn't have enough, and didn't want to buy any more.
The wood of the cigar box was quite a bit softer than the wood of the heart. It was not as easy to burn in the pattern smoothly in terms of depth or intensity of burn color, but I was fairly happy with the front.
I created a paper pattern to transfer for the placement of the hearts and roughly where the sunflowers would go.
For the sides, a trio of hearts seems to fit best.
When the basic shapes were all burned in, I filled them in with different designs. After the outside was finished, I decided the inside cover need some pop,
so I did a dimensional fabric picture similar to the bee box I made. I crocheted a chain with matching colors of craft thread to finish off the edge.

Now I am off to visit everyone and then start beading yet another Hydrangea! Happy T Day everyone and thanks for visiting!

Friday, February 13, 2015

APC #22

Hi Everyone!  What a busy week here between snow just about every other day and we are back to frigid windy weather. We did manage to get out for the day on Wednesday which did a lot for my mood and got my altered playing cards finished, too. Here they are together:
This week, Claudine showed how she used Elmer's glue and stencils to achieve texture. She had a few problems but managed to work through and create her usual beautiful cards.
The first thing I decided to try was to use a thicker bodied glue than Elmer's since my Elmer's looks brownish and watery--does glue go bad? The second thing is that I did not really have an appropriate stencil so decided to make one.  Enter cardboard and crop-a-dile!
I haven't had my crop-a-dile long and am not that skilled at getting holes where I really want them, so I just punched randomly through this thick cardboard,
placed it, filled the holes, and swiped over the top of my homemade stencil with my finger to smooth it out and make sure it was totally filled.  Lifted straight up and got the result above.
These did take awhile to dry and when they did they had little dimples in the top, but I was still happy. After I dabbed on the paint, found my image and word, it looked plain so I did a little doodling.
For my second card, I decided to just zig zag the glue back and forth and let it dry before dabbing on the paint. This worked well also, so I think the key for me was using thicker glue.
It is hard to see, but the glue is raised up. I embossed my word and put a bit of star garland at the top.  I didn't feel like pulling out my sewing machine so I simulated stitching around the edges rather than on the washi tape which really did not show up because of the large image I used.  All in all, I considered these successful!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday-White Again!

Hi Everyone! Another Tuesday has rolled around, and I am searching for something new to share today with Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday. Grab your favorite beverage and welcome!
My beverage today is Vanilla Chai in what you may notice is a "new" cup.  I chipped the circle one and decided to dig out this old favorite.  When I was working for a doctor, he and his wife would always send me flowers to celebrate every occasion. This cup came with a beautiful arrangement one year for "Secretary's Day".  A bit corny looking now, but hey, it's purple! I just finished this last appliance cover for our large crock pot.  I ran out of a lot of colors I used in previous ones which is why it is mostly gold.  It came out okay for not having/using a pattern, but it was such an awkward project due to size and shape.

It seems like every week I have the same thing to say, but....
We had another 6-7" of snow yesterday! It is getting kind of tiring, and I am not even the one clearing the snow! Don't feel too bad for us, though, because anyone in the Northeast, especially around Boston, have been getting 12" of snow each snowfall!  They are up to about 7 feet now the last I heard! They are actually trucking their snow to designated lots where they are using special machines to melt it. They can melt 350 tons an hour.  Of course, it comes out as water which I suspect freezes on the ground but takes up much less space.
The icicles are continuing to grow.  These are on the front side of the house where there are fortunately only bushes below.  Not a place anyone would walk.
These are the ones on the back of the house.  During the day if the sun is out, they drip and thin out. They have become quite sharp looking, but really pretty!  I suspect they will be gone soon--one way or another--death by sun or husband, LOL!

I have a few other projects to share...
A custom order of three huge Hydrangea Flowers just finished!
The first hat I ever knitted (requested by DD) which is actually complete except for seaming up the back, with a load of bees that will soon be turned into plant sticks! Not the best picture, but it is dark forest green with loads of cables.

Thanks for stopping by! What are you up to today?


Friday, February 6, 2015

APC #21

Hi Everyone! Here is the temperature I woke up to this morning!
It actually has gone up one degree since I got up at 7 am!
The icicles continue to grow longer as they melt a bit during the day and freeze again towards evening....I don't think there will be any melting today! They have actually started a second row!  Good thing we don't use the back entrance during the winter!

Anyway, I finally had time this week to complete the latest altered playing cards....
Here they are always.....similar to Claudine's, but my own take. 
This first card was one that I had scrunched tissue paper on top of the gesso to dry, so since it had a lot of texture already, I went with that.  It is impossible to see that I tried using clear embossing powder the same way as Claudine used the clear texture paste, but it did not work the same.  I'm glad I experimented, though.  I chose "Be Happy" to go with the Comedy and Tragedy masks that I had colored with my spectrum noir alcohol markers.
The background of the second card was basically paint dabbed on--you can't see the clear embossing dots I did on this card either. I love stamps and have a huge collection from when I collected as a child and tons that are imperfect for crafting. I tried to pull out some colors from the stamp to use in the dots and used punchinella in the top and bottom corners.  I left the stamps as a focal, rather than putting something over them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today! Hope you have a happy, creative weekend! Stay warm and safe wherever your travels take you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! Time again to drink a cup of your favorite beverage and chat with Elizabeth and Bleubeard and the Tuesday gang.  I'm drinking my morning tea in my usual circles mug which you have seen a gazillion many times, so I did not photograph it again this morning.  Today it is filled with English Breakfast tea. For everyone who has been missing snow this year....
The weatherman was right this time.  I know it is hard to tell from these photos taken from inside, but we have another 10" or more on the ground.
There is quite a wall of snow built up on both sides of the road now.
The flower pots look like magical castles with their pointy domes!
And the icicles cometh again!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Second on the second-February

Hi Everyone! I am joining Elizabeth today for her new blog link, called "Second Look on the Second" where we can share a favorite post from way back in our blog's history.  This post first appeared on June 4, 2007, when I told the story of a quilt I made. You may even recognize some of the fish from my altered books!

This quilt actually hangs in our downstairs bath. It takes up one entire wall. I made it from a pattern by a quilt artist whose name escapes me at the moment--but it is with the embellishing that originality comes into play. I'll list (since we all like lists so much ! LOL!) some of the embellishments...

1)The majority of the big colorful fish are cut from fabric & appliqued on.

2)Just above dead center on the quilt you may be able to see a small sand snail shell. This is a shell that I collected while visiting my grandfather in Southern Italy back in the 70s. He lived at the top of a mountain & we took walks everyday along the roads in the hills.

3)Here & there are some smaller blown glass fish & one or two wooden ones that started out life as earrings.

4)In the top left corner is a blue glazed sand dollar which was part of a necklace given to me over 20 years ago.

5)The mermaid, left of center, I made out of polymer clay, fabric, sequins & beads.

6)Below the mermaid is a lobster toy from a Happy Meal our daughter ate as a child.

7)Moving right is seaweed I made from tulle that my mom gave me.

8)And, the coral base is a brooch and the branches are part of a necklace that had belonged to my husband's family.

Writing this blog has made me appreciate this quilt even more. Hopefully some day, I can pass it down to our daughter.

Anyone with a family heirloom story?