Friday, February 28, 2014

The Craft Barn Challenge #4

TGIF Everyone!  The next words for The Craft Barn Challenge are marriage and age.  I found lots of quotes, but it was a true challenge for me to illustrate them.  I finally settled on an age quote by Robert Browne, an English Author in the 1600s.  It was remarkable how something written so long ago still has meaning and truth today.
I sketched then cut out the little Shar Pei, otherwise known as a "wrinkle dog" and placed him at the bottom of my card.  The background was done appropriately with several colors of green watercolor--as green is the color associated with envy.

Thank you for coming by.  Have a happy creative weekend and stay safe is you are experiencing or expecting more of Mother Nature's wrath!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

T(ea) Tuesday with Tea

I missed joining up with Elizabeth and the gang last week, because I have mainly been working on tons of beading projects; and even though I was drinking tea, I cannot show the projects just yet.

 I can show a WIP and a few photos from yesterday of an alTered cigar box I am making.
I started with a cigar box with a slide off top.  Since it was in very good condition, I lightly sanded it and applied two coats of chestnut stain with polyurethane in it.  I like the way with writing on the bottom of the box got darker.
I made a french beaded passion flower using very nontraditional colors and attached it to the box. Then, it was time for a cup of tea so I could ponder how I am going to account for the small amount of bulk (see the leather circle in the top photo) that hides the attachment wires.
Today's choice is Blue Moose Blueberry Tea which as you can see is still brewing in this photo. I've had this tea before. It has a subtle, but nice blueberry flavor.
Back to the box....I am leaning towards leaving the inside unfinished because I like the look of the wood and smooth areas of varnish, glue, or whatever it is. I just have to account for the front lip and it will be done.

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday and if you care to grab a beverage and join in with Bleubeard and Elizabeth, here's the link.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Craft Barn Challenge #3

Hi everyone! I'm joining up with The Craft Barn's third challenge using the words Strong and/or Miss. I created another art card using a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

I made some tiny foam tea bags and tags that I stamped on a piece of tan paper. I made some tabs to look like tea tags so hopefully it would stay closed and added the first part of the quote, "A woman is like a tea bag--"
"You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."  More tea bag stamps using some Distress Ink and Sakura markers for the strings.  The woman is the center is, of course, a tea bag with collaged feet and arm.  The head I made from a tissue using a polymer clay stamp from Polyform and rubbed some flamingo pink Pearl Ex powder lightly on the hills of the face.

I really had fun with this one--can't wait for the next words!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone! We really got slammed with snow--probably about 16" (40 cm), so there will be lots of shoveling this weekend!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tea Stands For Tuesday

Chili is cooking in the crock pot for dinner!

Chocolate chip cookies with sliced almonds are baked to take to a friend's house where we will share a cup of tea and a nice afternoon!

Finally, a little piece of tea art to share with Elizabeth and Bleubeard and all of my Tea Tuesday friends!
I am happy to finally be able to get out of the house for something other than food shopping and Church, although those are both very worthy outings.  It will be nice (and hopefully mood lifting) to do something fun before the next wave of snow arrives on Thursday with a 100% chance of significant accumulations of 4-8 inches.

Happy T(ea) Day--I'll be around to visit everyone tonight!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Shimmer and Glitz

Did you just hear that big sigh of relief?  It was me!  The huge (30") nor'easter snowstorm they were predicting for this weekend has been downgraded to just a few inches!  But how did they get it so wrong--that's what I want to know!

Anyway, I wanted to show my two latest jewelry pieces...

They were both worked on Nicole's Bead Backing which is a versatile beading fabric that can be used in many ways.  You can paint on it, use it in mixed media, and of course, bead on it!

Both glass cabochons were made by Lori from Out of the Flames--she does gorgeous work!

Thanks for your visit! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

T(ea) Stands For Photos Through

through a window

through my back door

through my hand

through a heart
 And finally,
through my beverage today, orange juice. 
Can you see my little friend peaking through the back of the glass?  And yes, I have too much snow time on my hands! Yesterday, it snowed about 5 inches (12 cm), tonight after midnight another 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) is headed our way and by Saturday or Sunday another "mega" storm is scheduled to drop up to 12 inches (30 cm) our way!  Thank goodness I have some beading projects to keep me busy.

Thanks for visiting today and if you are being snowed on or frozen by cold temperatures, take heart....Spring is only 44 days away--at least on the calendar!

I am joining up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth today with another T Stands For Tuesday post.  If you would like to join in on the fun or just visit some neat blogs and see what everyone is doing, visit Elizabeth's latest T Tuesday post here.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Year, New Challenge

Last year many of you followed along as I took on the polymer clay challenge that worked through Christi Friesen's books.  This year, since I am working on a large custom beaded order, I was looking around for something different to keep me inspired when I am ready to take a break from beading. After a visit to Bleubeard and Elizabeth, I found just the thing!

The Craft Barn is having a Quotes & Lyrics challenge! Every two weeks they provide you with two word prompts and your job is to create a piece of art using a quote or song lyrics that include one or both of those words.  You are encouraged to stay with the same format all year, so you wind up with a cohesive collection of quotes and/or lyrics.  Art cards are a fun exercise for me!  Since I love and often do use quotes in my art, and since every two weeks sounds like a commitment I can handle, I'm in!  So to catch up, here are my first two pieces...

The word prompt I chose was "Smile".  This is a quote from Mother Teresa that I like.  I used acrylics on an art card blank.

For the second challenge I chose "Silence".   This is a quote from Christine Rossetti, and Poet who was born in London in 1830.  Perhaps you already know this, but there is a species of Swan (Cygnus olor) that is mute.  In my opinion watching one of these majestic creatures glide through the water is indeed musical!  I attempted to do some embossing on the card, but I think the stamp pad was too dry, so I stamped over it instead.  The swan was hand drawn and cut from a paint chip sample.

If you are into any paper crafts, card making, stamping, etc. you might want to check out The Craft Barn and see all the goodies they have to offer!