Friday, January 31, 2014

Two is better than One

It is beginning to warm up a little here again, so I am climbing out from under my figurative rock to say hello and happy weekend! 

I have a new scarf to show off--be forewarned--the colors are a little shocking! First let me tell you how it came to be.  I'm still on my dwindle down my stash/supplies, use what I have, buying moratorium--whatever you call it. So when I was faced with one skein of hot pink shaded Moda Dea Ticker Tape nylon yarn, I was stumped about what to make.  Then I remembered a post I had read written by my friend Lone on her blog, Flowermouse, and I thought there is my answer!
I combined the above-mentioned pink shaded yarn with a similar weight white acrylic and here is the result.  It is lightweight, yet warm, and I think the two colors work well together!

So I have to thank Lone who let me "borrow" this idea.  Now,  I have two or three more orphan skeins of this ticker tape yarn in other colors to play around with.

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

T Tuesday Take Warning!

"Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight...Red Sky at morning, Sailor take warning!"

Have you ever heard this saying?  I have and always wondered why the saying might predict the coming weather, so I did a little research.  According to the Library of Congress, to understand this, you have to understand a little about weather and sky color.  Weather systems generally move from West to East across the country.  That's easy enough to understand.  That's why I always listen to Elizabeth's weather since she will have experienced it several days before us (in general).

The colors we see are a little harder to explain, but basically, sunlight passes through the atmosphere and bounces off water and dust particles.  Depending on the amount of these particles, we may see the sky as red since the red wavelengths are the longest.  Did I lose you yet?  The abbreviated explanation: red skies seen in the morning mean a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and rain or snow is likely on the way!

This was the sky this morning although it looked much redder to the naked eye.  And it is indeed snowing with predictions of 4-6 inches in our area and as much as 12 inches south of us. 

Research made me so thirsty, I forgot to take a photo of my Orange Pekoe tea that I am drinking today.  I hope you enjoyed my little weather lesson, although our lovely T Stands for Tuesday Host, Elizabeth, is a Scientist and may likely explain all this much clearer!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to tell when your freezer needs rearranging

Or (alternate title) Why you should not just shove stuff in the freezer.

Yes, I am back again to post--two days in a row now.  No photos, because they would not be pretty!

So my title refers to a little mishap I had yesterday afternoon....

We have a full size freezer we keep in our garage.  While bending down to get a package of vegetables from the bottom shelf, two packages of ground beef about 3 lbs each (1 kilo) jumped off the top shelf and hit me on the top of the head.  I guess the subtle hints of food falling out every time I opened the door were not enough for me.  Guess what I am doing today?

PS: No real harm done beside a sore scalp and neck. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Well, if you look at the date & title of my last post, it appears I took a little more time than I thought.  I had intended to be here last Tuesday to join Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T(ea) Tuesday but our subzero windchills just took a toll on my fingers.  I can hardly complain though, since I know parts of the US had it much worse than New York.  We have bounced back up to near 50 degrees, so here I am for T today, to check in and say hello.
Here is my morning tea--another from Twinings: Mixed Berry Black Tea.  According to the package it is a fine black tea flavored with strawberry, cherry, raspberry and redcurrant.  It has a lovely aroma and although probably not intended, I drink it with a splash of skin milk.
Paired with a cranberry/orange muffin top, it was berrylicious!

We are still winding down from the holidays here and while all the decorations and tree are put away, we have had plenty of visits from friends.  We are hosting (casual) dinners on three different nights and Friday night are going to dinner at a neighbors.  Now that the holidays themselves are over, it is nice to spend time visiting when time is not so rushed.

As for crafting, I have been spending much of my time working on a few custom orders for flowers while at the same time trying to make a few rose arrangements for upcoming Valentine's Day.  Here is one order, just finished, for 3 stems of Fuchsia in blues:
Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy T day!  Don't forget to stop by and visit Elizabeth and everyone else who is participating today.