Tuesday, December 30, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! Since it is the last Tuesday of 2014, I decided to make a mosaic of 12 of my favorite T posts.  I won't bore you by giving a lot of commentary--just pour yourself your favorite beverage and enjoy!
As for me, well, I'll be enjoying the morning with DD before bringing her to the train station.  Back to work for her on Monday, and her last semester starts in a few weeks.

Once again, I want to thank Elizabeth and Bleubeard for organizing and hosting this weekly get together.  Visit her blog here to see what everyone else is up to each week and join in yourself.  Until next year....Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 26, 2014

APC #15

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely Christmas Day.  My Dad joins us for Christmas Eve when we make the traditional fish dishes.  On Christmas Day we have friends over and after we sample some hors d'oeuves we chow down on lasagna, followed by ham. There are always a few desserts to top it all off.  And we cut back this year!  We still have tons of leftovers to see us through the week!  I'm actually pretty proud of myself for not overeating this year. So, on to this week's altered playing cards.....

As always, you can click on the link in the right side bar to be taken to Claudine's blog to see her examples.  Since I did not have embossing paste, I searched the internet for a recipe for an easy texture paste.  I am not sure if they are the same thing or not, but I was able to make something that worked for me.
Here are my cards with the texture past applied.  I found a recipe using baking soda and divided it in half to I could add white paint to half and black to the other.  It dried well and stayed adhered to the cards so I went with it.
I used ink that I drizzled and blotted on since I don't have sprays. You can see it totally tinted the white texture paste  I stamped a swirl on the left & rubbed some mica powder over it just to glitz it up a bit. I doodled with black & white pens, added the words and the moose.
For the second card, I used my distress stain dabbers so the color is a bit more muted.  I was able to doodle on the black paste with my white pen.  I doodled with a black permanent marker on the background, again added the words and the giraffe.

Thanks for stopping by and in case I don't make it to post before, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I am so grateful for all your visits, comments and encouragement throughout the year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hi Everyone!  There is a seasonal theme this week for the Altered Playing Card Challenge. As always, you can click on the link on the left to see our host, Claudine's, awesome examples and visit everyone else who participates.
Here are my cards together.  I really like how these came out despite not having a die cutting machine nor an embossing machine.
I did, however, have some embossing plates--not the kind that go in a machine I don't think. Just double sided free standing ones I bought on clearance just last week in fact!  First I used the punch out inside from a plastic snowflake stencil to lightly draw where I wanted the snowflake.  I embossed it with the only color (gold) embossing powder that I thought would show up and be appropriate.   Then I somehow managed to figure out where to draw & hand cut out another snowflake from a larger piece of card stock.  I used a star pattern that looked like it could pass for snowflakes & embossed away. My hands were pretty tired after that! The poinsettia was a rub on that I applied to another piece of paper since I remembered how a previous rub on did not work on the gesso and made a real mess. I glued two strips of mulberry paper for the snow. "Happy" is obviously another rub on, which "Holidays" was hand written.
I used a sheet of snowflake scrapbook paper for the background on my second card.  The trees were stamped using part of a large foam stamp, and the deer and wording were recycled from an old card.  I added a ribbon bow and called this one done!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! Debbie is busy cleaning and decking the halls and walls for Christmas, so she has left me, Craftymoose, to post for T Stands for Tuesday today!  A special hello to Elizabeth who hosts this weekly gathering, and a big shout out to Bleubeard!

I'm sure you are all wondering what I look like.....

That's me, on the left, looking pretty handsome, huh?  Debbie said I should mention the snowman (tea) mug on the buffet. It is probably 40+ years old, made for her by her Godmother--a real one, not a fairy godmother--in a ceramics class.  Fast forward 20 years later, Debbie took a ceramics course and made both the candle holders and sea themed planter you see on the buffet.  The little angel bear and girl bear holding a baby moose were gifts from the DD. 

I smell cinnamon tea brewing in the kitchen, so I'm off to grab a cup!  But before I go, I found this pencil drawing (from Dianne's tutorial) on Deb's desk. Don't tell her I posted it!
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, December 15, 2014

CB#25 Faith and Harmony-The Finale!

Hi everyone! I cannot believe that we have reached the end of The Craft Barn's Quotes & Lyrics challenge! I had such a fun time with this and really want to thank everyone over at the Craft Barn for the wonderful inspiration and all the hard work! That said, I finished mine for this fortnight.....
An artful quote by Paul Cezanne: "Art is a harmony parallel with nature."  I made the color wheel on a separate piece of card stock and colored it in with watercolor pencils.  Each pie wedge has an acrylic gem flower in the complimentary color.

I had to edit this post to add a mosaic of all my completed pieces as Bleubeard and Elizabeth did:

Craft Barn Quotes & Lyrics Challenge 2014

I can't wait to see what the next challenge brings! To be announced on January 5, 2015. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

APC Week #13

Hi Everyone! If my calculations are correct, week #13 in the Altered Playing Card Challenge means we are halfway through our deck of cards!  This week the theme is "Bees".
If you have been reading my blog, you already know I like bees....well creating art with them at least, and that my name means "The Bee". 
I chose a card that I had added a piece of netted fabric to when I applied the gesso for this first card.  I thought it looked a little like a honeycomb. After the base coat of orange, I used tan acrylic pain to dab here and there and then rubbed it over the fabric piece to highlight it. I drew the black honeycomb sections freehand and outlined with a white pen.  The bees were in my stash. The sentiment reads, "Be your own pilot" which I came across when I was looking through my scrapbook paper.
For this card I applied several coats of marmalade DS. I have a honeycomb texture plate meant for polymer clay that I rubbed some darker brown acrylic paint on and stamped a few times.  I made my own template for the larger honeycombs and cut them out of various scrap paper. Added the bees which were in my stash and the sentiment.  See the part by the "N" in "Not"?  Looks like it didn't cover the gesso?  Well, in real life it is actually darker in that spot!

Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see what Claudine has in store for next week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday-Tea Packets

Hi everyone! After a wild 4 days I was actually able to sit down and think about doing something crafty.  No better time than to show this project than with Elizabeth and the rest of the T Stands For Tuesday gang! Invited by my friend Valerie from Bastelmania, I am also linking to Art Journal Journey whose theme this month just happens to be collage!
I've been hoarding tea packets from tea I've purchased, been given as a gift or as a free sample.  I decided they would make the perfect collage for the first page of my tea journal. Not a lot of thought; just placed them as I picked them up. I was thinking I might do this on the last page/cover, too, so I better get drinking!

This was the scene out my kitchen window at 5:30 am Sunday morning.  I know it is dark, but it is the best photo of the moon with clouds that I have ever managed.  We were up to drive to New York City where our daughter attends Grad School in Lower Manhattan.  She was moving out of the dorm and into an apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  With only one semester to go (can we all shout Hallelujah!), actually only two classes left, she no longer had enough credits to be eligible for housing. The drive and move went smooth as can be, and her boyfriend was a big help again in carrying the heavy things up two flights of stairs.  Well, anyway, I digress, because I really just wanted to show off the photo!

Happy T Day and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

CB#24 Heart and/or Risk

Hi Everyone! The inspiration for this latest ATC for The Craft Barn Q & L Challenge came from Ben Franklin.
This ATC started out with a background created a while ago by just dripping various dyes and inks on it. It was bright and bold and to tone it down I brushed on some gesso which is when a "happy accident" happened. The gesso reactivated the dried ink and smeared it which I really liked. I added the large flower die cut to help fill up the background. The computer printed words were swiped over with some distress stain and cut with fancy scissors. A few little flowers cut from a page, and I called this one finished!

I want to take a moment first of all to thank The Craft Barn for hosting this challenge and for the inspiring examples from the Design Team members.  I also want to thank all the participants who have stopped by to comment, answer my questions and encourage me--it has been appreciated much more than you can know.  I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this challenge! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

APC Week 12

Hi everyone!  First I want to wish everyone who celebrates it, a Happy Thanksgiving!  We will be celebrating with some friends at their nearby home tomorrow...that is, if we can dig ourselves out from this snowstorm! The expected totals have ranged anywhere from 4-12" but have settled in around 4-8". I do hope it stays on the lower side.  Our DD came home last night so at least we do not have to drive in it. 

I thought it appropriate today to share my playing card challenge since the theme was all about being thankful.  Claudine kept it simple this week since many are busy with holiday preparations. As always you can visit her link to see her examples.
Here are my two cards together.  They both started out with scrap paper backgrounds as Claudine's did, and I did add some doodling, but that is where the similarity stopped.  I'm not a bare it all type of girl--I am thankful for many things and do love many things about myself--I just am not about shouting them out for the world to see, LOL. Individuality is always welcomed so I hope you like my take this week.
I picked a nice Autumn leafy paper for this one, did some simple doodling and added 3 quotes that inspire me.
These images all came from the same paper, but I cut them apart and attached them collage style. Again I added a sentiment that has meaning to me.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

CB #23 Journey and/or Friendship

Hi everyone! I found tons of quotes that I liked for either of these words but unfortunately not a lot of drawing inspiration. Be that as it may, here is my ATC for this fortnight:
An inspiration quote from Lao Tzu, a Chinese Philosopher.  Not sure if you can see it anymore, but the background was a map.  I thought it was too prominent so I lightly gessoed it before using alcohol marker to add some color.  The stamped tree was gone over with marker & the footprints hand drawn.

It has just started snowing here with expected totals in my area of 4-8" (10-20 cm).  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi everyone! This past Saturday, I participated in the first of two craft fairs that I am in this year.  I had a lot of requests to see some photos and thought T Day was a good day to show them....
This is a photo of my set up.  I was on the outside row so as far back as I could get to take the photo was with my back against the wall.  There was a 50 vendor limit (it was sold out) and was held in a recreation center in the next town over from me.  The spaces were very generous at 10' x 10' (about 3 meters x 3 meters).
Here is a view of the left side of my display where I placed mostly beaded flowers and a couple of scarves I made. The main display table held jewelry and ornaments.
The right table in the display held Christmas items.  You can see the angels that I talked about in an earlier post.  The traffic was not as busy as I thought, but in the end, I was very pleased with how it went. My next fair is Dec 6.  Looking at my records, I see this is my 20th year doing fairs!
I have been working on my crochet jacket in the evenings, and last night finished the front bands.  All that is left is weaving in the loose ends and blocking!  I enjoyed making this but am ready to move on to another project I have in mind.
This tea cup is part of our "everyday" set and was the perfect holder to show you some Trillium I have been beading. It was also the perfect way to say Happy T Day to Bleubeard and Elizabeth and the rest of the tea gang! Feel free to stop by and even join in if you have time.

Friday, November 21, 2014

APC Week 11

Hi everyone!  Today, I am sharing my altered playing cards for this week. You can visit Claudine here to see her lovely examples and how they were created.
Here are my two cards together.  If you enlarge them you can really see the texture in the background.  The one on the left has a decorated paper towel as the background, and the one on the right had the paper towel removed just before it dried so it just has a hint of color and texture left.
Now, of course, I did not have a paper towel that I had blotted ink on when I was doing other projects, so I had to make one.  Just drips, splats, and blobs of various and miscellaneous inks.  I used some snow texture medium for the snowbank at the bottom and got the same wicking of color as Claudine did on hers--love it, but really didn't want it on my snowman.  So I used the same medium to make the snowman on a separate card, added the features with marker when dry, cut out and glued him onto the card.  A few plastic snowflakes and sticker letters, and voila`! I love how this one came out!
This is the one with the subtle color as the paper towel was removed just before it dried.  The wet surface of the glue transferred the ink and texture.  I stamped a few large snowflakes and then embossed them which is very hard to see in this photo.  The stem of the flower is washi tape. The head was free-form cut from a piece of scrap paper and a sticker flower added for some glitz. The dots are silver paint. I couldn't think of a suitable quote or wording, so I'll enjoy this one as it is!

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy creative weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

T Stands for Transfers

Hi everyone! Today I am doing something I rarely do, and that is combining Claudine's altered playing card challenge with my (usually) weekly visit with Bleubeard and Elizabeth and my other Tea friends. I got a week behind with the challenge and missed last week's tea post, too, with all my preparations for the craft fair this Saturday.  I know I have plenty of inventory, but after they sent some instructions and also said the show was sold out (50 vendor limit), I think I let myself get a little freaked out!

Anyway, my "T" this week stands for image Transfers since that was also the first theme for the 10th APC challenge.  Then, Claudine added a "quirky, whimsical, think outside the box" tone.  So here are my two cards together:
This is one case where I can truly say they look better online than in real life! These were the last because I gave up, best peudo image transfers I made after having completely ruined the two I really wanted to use plus two more practice ones. 
I had completely no luck using contact paper which is what I used to make the moose. That's the one on the top in case you can't tell. The sunglasses were already there, I added the hair and hoped for the best.  The contact paper (yes, it was contact brand) was rather thick and even after rubbing all ways for quite awhile, after soaking, I about rubbed off much of the image with the paper.  I had to add highlights to the hair and outline the glasses to make them stand out.  The piggy was done with packing tape where I had a much better result, and just added the flower sticker and, of course, the smiles on each of them. It still looked too plain so I rubbed on some color and did a little border.  I should say I auditioned a few background colors, but white was the only color that made the moose somewhat visible.
The second card was also made with packing tape--however, I don't think I removed enough of the paper since it looks more like a sticker than a "negative-type" image. Or is this how it is supposed to look?  At this point I just drew some line with sparkle paint because I was totally done with these.

I needed something way stronger than tea after this but failed to  take a photo of my wine last night!

Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Craft Barn #22 Moon & Sensation

Hi everyone! I'm trying hard to keep up with all my challenges, blog visiting and getting ready for the craft fairs.  Sometimes the frantic pace works for me and the ideas just flow.
Here is my ATC for The Craft Barn's Challenge this week using the words moon and/or sensation.
I chose a quote from Carl Sandburg, "The Moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to."  The wolf looks more like a dog to me, but who says dogs can't howl at the moon, too?  The swipe in the lower right corner was a stubborn streak of sun that just insisted on making an appearance.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

APC Week 9

Hi everyone! It's time to link up with Claudine's Altered Playing Card Challenge again! This week we explored how to use the same colors in different ways--brHight and bold, and more subtle. Here are my cards together:
I used the same colors in the two cards, and I hope it is obvious that the one on the left is the bolder of the two.
I drew the swirls into the gesso when I prepped the card. After painting the background I covered the swirls with bright pink permanent marker and then added a variety of designs around it. The fairy girl came out of a scrapbook pad, and I added some colorful hightlights to make her stand out more. The birds were rub-ons as was the "welcome" which is darker in real life.
To make the second (more subtle) card, I used the green for the background and then rubbed over it with distress stain in a close shade to lighten it up.  I also stained the lace at the bottom. I used the blue to stencil some random lines in the background. I cut the lettering from a plastic bag, reversed it and glued it on--I really like how that looks! Lastly, added the floral torn from some paper and the punch out dragonfly to pick up on the pink in the other cards.

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate all the kind comments, suggestions, and tips you have shared with me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday-Projects.....

some finished, some in progress!

Hi everyone!  After making a ton (okay, about a dozen) beaded pendants for my upcoming craft fairs, I took some time to make up another funky scarf and make some real progress in the crochet top down jacket I am making.
I have enjoyed knitting these ruffle scarves before and have seen them with pompoms on the ends, metallic highlights, and even sequins--but never with fabric on the ends! While in the craft store buying some yarn to make scarves for a neighbor, I spied this print and could not resist as I though it was really unusual.  So, something you would wear.....or not?

Now, don't laugh at the colors! I bought this variegated yarn many years ago and just happened to have some turquoise to match it for the alternate stripes.  If you have been visiting here for any length of time, you may know that I love the colors and styles of the Southwest, so these colors are perfect for me.  The piece was started from the collar and is all made in one piece--except for the rest of the length of the sleeves. What you see here is just after the point where the sleeves are divided from the jacket. The nice thing about working top down is that you can try it on as you go and make any adjustments. I have been working on it each night and will show more progress soon. 
I received a sample of this tea which was new to me, so I though Tea Tuesday was the perfect time to try it.  Unfortunately, not at all to my liking--it has a very strong, smoky aroma and taste, so my cup was empty pretty much after I took my first sip!

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday!
On a sad note, for those who have been reading along with me for years...my oil painting teacher, who became my friend, has passed away at 90.  I thank him for his inspiration, his guidance and his friendship without which the above, painted by me, would never have been possible. RIP my dear friend.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Some Finished Pendants

Hi Everyone!  Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates!  Thought I'd stop by with a little eye candy--no worries about calories!
Some of the pendants I finished this week for my upcoming craft shows. Some are polymer clay, some glass, and some are stone cabs....all beaded on Nicole's bead backing and backed with delicious soft leather.
Another look!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone! I'm onto my next crafting adventure......

Friday, October 24, 2014

CB#21 Hug and/or Nowhere

Hi everyone!  I managed to complete my ATC for Craft Barn's Quotes and Lyrics Challenge #21 during the first week despite having a hard time finding a quote.  I settled on "A hug is a handshake from the heart" --Author Unknown.  If anyone knows who actually said this...please let me know in the comments.
For the background, I layered on some small heart cutouts that had various patterns.  Afterwards I thought it was too busy for what I wanted to do so I applied gesso and then some pink watercolor over it.  The heart was hand drawn and cut out and a separate piece of paper glued in the middle for the quote.  A few pieces of pink striped washi tape finished it.
Another look!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a happy creative weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

APC Week 8

Hi everyone!  Time to show my latest playing cards for Claudine's Altered Playing Card Challenge. This week it was all about hearts!
Here they are together, same theme, but quite different from each other.
 For this first card, I used Gelatos as did Claudine for the background.  This is my first time using them, and I think I could have blended them a little better--funny how ALL the flaws show up online! None of the black pens I had would write on the Gelatos, so I resorted to last week's trick of cutting a shape out of scrapbook paper and writing the quote on it.
For my second card, I dripped watercolor in a method similar to the example.  I had just let my daughter "raid" my paint box for some watercolor paints to take back to college with her so I had only a few colors left.  I decided to cut my heart from some gold metal foil, drew a design on it and mounted it with some padding behind it so it was dimensional.  I added the lines,but it still looked unfinished to me,so the tiny hearts outlined in black and filled with gold paint pen did the trick!

Thanks for another fabulous week or inspiration, Claudine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi everyone! By now I think you can picture what my tea stained cup with the circles looks like....I forgot to take a photo of my usual morning tea, but it was English Breakfast this morning!

I have been happily crafting away making stock for the now two craft shows I will be doing this season.  The first is not until Nov. 22, so I have plenty of time.  But since time has a way of slipping away when we least expect it, I have really been going at it.  At the same time I am focused on using only supplies I already have, doing the challenges I have joined, and working on an order of 3 scarves, four beaded flower arrangements and a rose corsage for a local customer!  And my silly husband wants to eat, too?  Just kidding, because he is my biggest supporter!

So for tea day today, I will show you what I have been working on....
This is a re-working of one of the revolving trees I made last year.  You can see the original here.  I ripped off the brown yarn, re-wound it with jute and am now making tiny yo-yos to cover it.  The spool on the base is covered with twine and not glued on yet which is why it may look off center.  I covered the base of the tree with cork and when the yo-yos get down to the bottom, I will cover the seam somehow.   I like it better, but those yo-yos take forever to make!
The rest of the time has been spent beading (big surprise, huh?) some pendants.  The three in the top left corner are finished while the others are in various states of beading, or not.  Sometimes I just look at them for awhile to think on how to bead them, and sometimes it comes right to me.  I purposely keep them simple since the price they will fetch at a local craft show is not on a par with a museum gift shop.

Hope you will visit some of the other Tuesday gang and maybe even join us!  Here is the link to our fabulous host Elizabeth's post this week.

Thanks for stopping by!