Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tea Time!

Hi Everyone! It's time to join Elizabeth and Bluebeard our wonderful hosts for T Tuesday!  As you may have figured out by now, you do not have to drink tea to join in the fun.  Just talk about or show anything you'd like, include any beverage in your photo, link up, and have fun visiting all the other participants.  Here is the link for this week's post.

I was inspired by posts on Scrap Happens Here and Bastelmania to create something I had never tried before...Twinchies!  If you don't already know these two talented artists, trust me, a visit will be well worth your time.  I did some research on Twinchies and found that the only criteria is that they measure 2" x 2".  I decided to make a collection with an animal theme, again using just what I have on hand.  Here are my first three along with my afternoon cup of Darjeeling tea:
 A little closer up:
I cut 2 x 2 inch pieces from the back of a watercolor tablet and added some scraps of paper. The little hedgehog was in an advertisement that I saved from the trash. I used a gold paint pen to darken the edges.
For this one, I wiped, then swiped the card on an orange ink pad so it bled onto the paper.  I added a feather mane and some orange sparkle glue, and the gem on the top left is a matching bright orange (gifted to me by Bastelmania).
This solid pink background was actually the reverse side of a patterned piece of paper. I like it for its texture which is hard to see in the photo, but not really for the color.  I added some washi tape and a decorative corner.  By the time I backed the bear and added his flower crown, most of the background was covered up so I liked it better.   Now I have to do a little more research to figure out how I might bind these or create some sort of folder.  Thanks Annette and Valerie for the inspiration!
Thanks for joining me for T on Tuesday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Round-up

Hi Everyone!  This week just flew by for me--helping to organize our daughter to get ready to move into a quad dorm in New York City over Labor Day.  This is another new experience for all of us, and I am trying not to freak out too much about driving into "The City" as native New Yorker's call it.  Add to that that my girl loves clothes, shoes, coats, etc., and always packs too much, and I can foresee some Mom miracle packing time coming up.  But, the good news is that in addition to going to Grad School 3 nights a week, she will have a very decent paying first job at least 3 days a week!

Besides working on making some small poinsettias for a wreath, here is the only project I managed this week:
A small vase of 13 violets in various shades of purple in this (heavy) unique little green vase.  Violets, hmmm, maybe I am trying to hold onto summer a little longer!  The Autumn energy hasn't kicked in yet, but running around in my mind are trees, a bathtub, mushrooms, and maybe a squirrel or owl or both!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Monday, August 19, 2013

T Tuesday: Celebrations!

On Saturday, we celebrated two occasions in our family.  One I spoke of before--our 22nd Anniversary, and the other was our daughter's graduation from college.  As part of her present, she wanted to go to a restaurant that we had taken her to since she was small.  My husband was born in The Bronx, which for anyone not familiar is a borough of New York City.  It was the place many Italians settled when they immigrated to the US, and my father-in-law continued to live there until he passed away in 1998.  We have made many trips to his old neighborhood since to visit Arthur Avenue which is often called, "The Real Little Italy".  I realize many who visit my blog today from Elizabeth's T Tuesday are not from the US, but I know that most cities all over the world have ethnic areas such as Chinatown or Little Italy or Little Tokyo, so I hope you are not too confused!

After spending some time shopping where we picked up homemade Ravioli from Borgatti's, fresh sweet dry sausage, provolone, and mozzarella from  Casa Della Mozzarella, fresh peaches from the market, and pastries from Egidio's,we spent a few more hours exploring The Bronx Zoo.  This part was a surprise from my romantic husband because it was where we spent our first (blind) date.
Flamingos are a favorite of mine. I just love how they were designed with their ankle joints halfway up their legs so it appears as if their knees are bending backwards.
This baboon spent his day right up against the window being amused by all the visitors oohing and ahhing over him.

I wanted to take this sweet baby giraffe home, but I didn't think we had enough trees on our property to keep him properly fed.

And now what you came to see:
I'm on the left with the Veal Valdestano and side order of pasta; my husband is on the right with the Linguine and fish.  My daughter took the photo for me and didn't quite get the glasses in...but our beverage for T Tuesday was water!  Of course, the food was enough for another whole dinner the next night...win! win!

Happy T Tuesday everyone and thanks for indulging me with this long post! Thanks Elizabeth for doing a wonderful job of hosting!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T Tuesday

This is not the T Tuesday post that I originally planned to share with you, but since it is raining today and my craft project is a bust, I'll share some photos from our garden taken yesterday.
This has been a really bad growing season and not many flowers have bloomed.  The ones above were among the first to bloom.  They are over 4 ft. tall (about 1.2 meters) on spindly thin stems, but they never seem to topple over.
I love the bright pink of this daisy variety.  The corkscrew vine you see is one I missed removing when I pulled out all the gourd vines...Gourds are very prolific vine-makers, but by mid-August with not a budding gourd in site, they would never get to maturity so I pulled them out.
Do you think this little guy is looking for a four leaf clover?  He actually was on the ground right next to a smaller frog, but of course, that photo came out blurry!
Oh, well, Happy T Tuesday everyone.  I'm trying to get a jump on some Christmas beading while I enjoy my cup of Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea.  The poinsettias will each be attached to a candle holder.  This cup is one of my favorites. My late father-in-law had a set of them which I always admired.  He gifted one to me shortly after we were married (22 years this Saturday).   The bottom is marked "Made in Japan" and it is painted with gold on the cup bottom and handle.  Needless to say I take very good care of this "priceless" heirloom.

Thanks to Elizabeth for hosting T Tuesday!  Here is her post where you will find links to everyone participating.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Round-up

Just a little post to show you what I've been doing lately...
Some french beaded Jasmine in a pretty aqua bottle vase.
My latest polymer clay work inspired by Christi Friesen and The Friesen Project.  I really like this sea turtle mama and babies.  We've moved on to the next book now which is "Woodland Creatures".  Hope to give some of those a try soon.
A heart basket filled with Poppies, Daisies, and some purple filler flowers.

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

T Tuesday

It's time for sharing on T Stands For Tuesday. Once again, thank you to Elizabeth for hosting this fun weekly event. For more info, please click on any link above or on my sidebar.

I have been looking around for some time for some sort of tool holder, other than the tin cans I currently use on my desk, to hold my many pliers. Since I am a real
hoarder collector of "stuff" I have made it my mission to purchase only consumable supplies and otherwise use what I have.
I came across this wooden box that was sitting around in the basement and thought I would see if it could work.  The wood is really substandard...no amount of sanding made it smooth.
I gave it two coats of stain that included polyurethane that was left over from another project.  It looks better, but is still rough in places.  I guess I won't let the roughness bother me too much, since it will be a functional holder rather than a decorative piece.
I set it up this morning next to my Twinings English Breakfast Tea to see what it would look like.  Yes, that is my everyday mug.  I think the holder will work well, but I can already see that the rod where I will hang the tools will need some felt covering so the wood doesn't get chewed up or the tools damaged.  It does make a nice little storage place; a little boring plain, but serviceable.  I think I see a little decorating coming up next!

Thanks for stopping by for T today--I'm off to start visiting everyone else!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beautiful Visitor

Native American Butterfly Legend
If anyone desires a wish to come true they must
capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it.
Since they make no sound, they can't tell the wish
to anyone but the Great Spirit.
So by making the wish and releasing the butterfly
it will be taken to the heavens and be granted.

--Author Unknown--

Have a happy creative weekend everyone, and may all your wishes be granted!