Friday, June 28, 2013

Friesen Friday/More With Four Challenge

Hi everyone! Despite the heat & humidity, I managed to make a small clay project for Friesen Friday. It also fits Gloria's More With Four Challenge where we create something using a nice four-letter word. So, obviously, my word is Bird which also happens to be what the Friesen Project is concentrating on for the next two months.
At some point I am going to use this little cutie in either a french beaded arrangement or a terrarium.

I have no idea why this photo uploaded like this especially since I selected a small image size and aligned it to the left. Sometimes, blogger has a mind of its own!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Color Me Blue

I recently finished this monochromatic arrangement and finally had time to list it in my Etsy shop. Occasionally, I come across an interesting little vase like this one, and make flowers that I think will compliment it. I've done a few beaded flower arrangements in shades of one color, and even though the flowers may not be true to life, I think they work well.

Do you ever come across an interesting supply, bead, paper, ribbon, etc., and make something around it?

Monday, June 24, 2013

7 French Beaded Flowers

7 flowers, 245 florets, 6,860 beads and lots of wire later, I finished my next custom order:
Modeled after Queen Anne's Lace but shaped a little more like domes per the customer's request.

I think last week was the first time in awhile that I did not blog at all. Thank you for all the nice comments on the bag I decorated for the bridal shower--it was a big hit, and my daughter & I really had a great day.

The next book in the Friesen Project is Birds--one I know I will enjoy. Hopefully, I'll have something to show a little later in the week.

On a sad note, my last remaining aunt is now in hospice care. I've been trying to keep busy and not think too much about what I know is not too far down the road. This is the part of life nobody likes, but we all go through it at some point. Knowing that, comforts me.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi Everyone! We are alternating between rain and sun here, but at least it has cooled off a bit with a nice breeze. Perfect weather for crafting inside since it is too wet outside.

While shopping for a Bridal Shower present Monday, I was amazed to find that a lot of the typical kitchen items that one might purchase no longer come in boxes. Like those wonderful baking dishes with glass lids--you know, the ones where the name is synonymous with the product. Really? Put one of those in a bag & they will likely come right through! Other hard to wrap stones, fruit/bread baskets, mixing bowls. Well, the item I purchased did not come boxed either, but the store gave me a generous size bag that it would fit in. Solid white...boring! So yesterday, I browsed Pinterest and came up with this idea.

It may be hard to tell because of the glare from the flash, but I used some of that pretty fabric gifted to me by Valerie for the umbrella. I made some layered flowers using scissors that cut with fancy edges and topped each one off with a button. Since the girl getting married is a teacher, I themed the buttons to match: pencil, ruler, apple. It seemed to need a little something, so I added the apple with the little chalkboard that says "Bride To Be".

I like the bag much better now!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Asian Inspired

These reminded me of the Japanese Ikebana style of arranging flowers, although I didn't follow any of the rules when arranging them.

To me, they look light and delicate--just the look for summer!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ivy-not poison!

This week has found me acting like the meaning of my name...busy as a "bee"! With the anticipation of more weekend guests, I thought it was time I cleaned the house. Now with Hurricane Andrea making her way up the eastern seaboard promising us rain starting tonight through the weekend, I suspect the guests will come another time. Darn...I could have been crafting! The second batch of cucumbers didn't make it after I planted them so that end's this year's gardening attempt. I have about five gourd plants that I planted--they look good, so we'll see.

Yesterday, the core members of my oil painting class (which was disbanded over a year ago) met up at the teacher's house for a reunion of sorts. It was sad to see that both he and his wife are beginning to fail, or I should say their bodies are. After all, he is 90 and she is 92. Still, we all had a fun couple of hours after which he gifted us all with one of his paintings.

My latest project is french beaded Ivy in gold beads--a custom order for the same person who requested the golden ferns:

These were really fun and a little addictive to make--I can see some green one finding their way into my shop soon!