Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tag Swap Tags

Happy Tuesday everyone! I finished my tags for the IA Tag Swap and put them in the mail today. Since I am quite sure the recipients won't see them here, I figured I could share them with you. Remember the theme was "hearts". All the backgrounds were done with a glaze so they are sort of transparent. It was my first time experimenting with it, and I can say right now it will probably find its way into my next altered book--I loved it!
I used another of the polymer clay roses I made along with some dimensional pieces gifted to me by Valerie of Bastelmania. I like the pink and green combo.
This one has a winged heart and some dimensional rub-ons.
Hearts aren't always pink or red, so I did this one with a blue theme. It has a cute heart patch with an acrylic heart and a little silver heart charm at the top.

I hope everyone likes them, and I will show off the ones I receive.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Torch!

The second project in Kater's Acres Project Friesen is to create a second, different dragon with arms and/or legs. Meet Torch!
Until now, I have never made an effective skinner blend...to non-clayers, briefly, it is a method to blend clay seamlessly from one color to the next. I did not do it in the traditional way--it just happened on its own, and so, I decided to keep it for the body even if most of it would be covered up with swirly goodness! Most of the swirls were made out of blended pieces.
The wings, ears, arms & legs were made with different combinations of the colors I was using. Torch is holding a beveled glass rectangle in her arms which I was so intent on anchoring that I didn't see the tiny cut in the arm until she was baked. I think I could have done more refining and smoothing of the digits, but overall I am pleased with my second effort.

Have a happy, creative weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

IA Challenge-ACEO/ATC

In case anyone is not familiar with and ACEO or ATC, they are small pieces of art, the only rule being that they measure 2 1/2 by 3 1/2--the size of a standard baseball card. The difference in name determines what you plan to do with them...ATCs are traded; ACEOs are sold.
As I said in my last post, flowers are often the inspiration for my art. I created the background with a transfer tape technique (say that three times fast!) adapted by one I saw on Ink Stains blog. This artist is creating a calendar & for each month demonstrates a new technique. There are a few more I hope to try. Since I am determined to use what I have on hand, I used some glitter paint, fine glitter, and a music stamp. I painted the aceo card before laying down the tape.
In this image you can see the background a little better and also the quote. I created this in response to the IA challenge curated by Maggie this week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"Life is like a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."--Danny Kaye

I love working on colorful projects, especially this time of year when the view outside my window looks grey and dreary. Lucky for me the inspiration to make flowers is always there--I've shown a few rose bouquets--I have one, possibly two more, I want to make before Valentine's Day. I also received a custom order for 6 long stems of Fuchsia--presumably the customer is going to put them in a hanging basket.
I noticed as I was finishing these up that the theme this week at the Artist's Play Room (APR)is to make something colorful, so I'm linking these to Jenn's post. Why not stop by and see what everyone else comes up with--they are sure to be bright and beautiful!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet Garger!

I've completed my first little dragon for The Friesen Project. Click on the badge on my right sidebar for complete information. Briefly each month Katie from Katers Acres will take through one of Christi Friesen's books. First week, a book review, followed by three weeks of projects. Since I already have some of Christi's books, I thought this would give me the needed push to get started.

So here is my very first dragon, named Garger!
The wood dowel was used to hold open a channel for a cord. I'm still deciding whether I am going to antique him or not before I add a protective coat. I really enjoyed making him and can't wait to start on the next one!

Have a happy, creative weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

IA Challenge: Love & Romance

The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is Love and Romance...what it means to us or what we love most. The curator of the challenge, Lou Anne wrote a lovely post filled with beautiful inspiration. She also very generously provided lots of links to sites where you can get free images so you might just want to stop by.

Nothing says love to me like roses, and although peach roses are my favorite, this week I created red ones for Valentine's Day.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He's still here!

Thanks for appreciating my attempt at a fun post yesterday! We woke up to about 5" of fresh, hard-packing snow with a dab of sleet on top. Just thought you all might like to know that frosty is still living in our backyard...
We keep checking to make sure he is not regenerating himself out there. Any Doctor Who fans among my readers?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alien Life Form?

When I first looked at this photo that I took this morning, I could not help thinking about aliens. Maybe it is because I have always been fascinated with the stories of alien visitations, abductions, and the whole science of trying to determine if UFOs are real. Every once in awhile it becomes almost a fad again to delve into this mysterious subject. Are UFOs real? I don't know. I do know that the camera flash overexposed this untouched-up photo. Have you ever seen a UFO? I haven't, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe they exist. There are many things I believe in that I have not seen.
Here is a better photo of what I was trying to capture this morning. What do you make of the strange arrangement of those sticks to the right of this volcano-like shape? Are they some form of unique crop circle in the grass? Did you know that crop circles are also thought to be the work of aliens, perhaps as some message to other potential visitors? DO you believe in UFOs?

Am I freaking you out? Just a little bit? Awwww, don't worry...it's only...a rare phenomenon......called......


Friday, January 11, 2013

IA Challenge-Poppies

Poppies are the subject this week at Inspiration Avenue, and we could show them in any way we wish. While I would have liked to have beaded one...a custom order is keeping my beading fingers busy--I may still bead one, soon. In the meantime, I chose to share some Poppy photos taken by my daughter on her trip to England last summer.
Here are some "unpopped" Poppies! Isn't it interesting that something so plain and alien-looking opens into such a beautiful flower?
Here is a mixed shot of buds and opened flowers.
Did you know poppy seeds that we put on bagels or in cakes are mainly imported from Holland? Did you know that after eating just one bagel, they can cause a false positive urine test for up to 48 hours?
Of course, Poppies are used with legal license for medicinal purposes because of their pain-killing and sedative qualities. No wonder Dorothy, Toto & the Cowardly fell asleep in the Poppy field!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swaps and Challenges

Today, I am sharing a few artful pursuits that I have decided to participate in. The buttons at the top of my right sidebar will bring you to the blog hosting it--it is where you can get more info, or sign up yourself!

Inspiration Avenue Tag Swap is similar to last year's postcard swap. You basically make 3 tags with a heart theme and be prepared to mail them out Jan. 25.

The blog Katers Acres has created The Friesen Project. If you like polymer clay, then you probably already have heard of or have seen Christi Friesen's work. Basically, we will work through all of Christi's books and create some creatures inspired by her style. It is sanctioned by, but not run by Christi Friesen, but rather is being guided by a very talented clayer, Katie. I think it is about 40 projects that we will complete during the year, with the rest of the weeks being book reviews.

There are a couple of other challenges that I have come across that I would love to join--if I decide, I will post them here, too!

See what I meant about setting goals?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keeping Busy

It's seems like forever since I posted. Life, a custom order, and creating Valentine's Day roses for my shop are keeping me busy at the moment. This is probably my busiest time for flowers as more and more people are discovering the joy of french beaded flowers. If you have allergies, live in a very warm climate that wilts your flowers quickly, or if you just want to enjoy the beauty of flowers all year long...they just may be for you. Here are 2 of the 4 arrangements that I have been working on:
This arrangement sold the day after I listed it but I wanted to show it to you anyway. This is a shorter arrangement with 3 medium roses arranged in a pretty vase made in Austria.
This is a sample of one of the taller arrangements I make--this one pink in a milk glass vase.

That's all for now. I have two other arrangements that I hope to show by the end of the week!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IA Challenge-Tags

I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I do like to set goals for myself. What's the difference? Semantics! Much less guilt involved if I don't "get there" or change my mind!
So one of my goals, besides the continuing goal of using up some of my stash of art supplies, is to try new things. Inspiration Avenue (thanks to Shel and Kim) provided the prompt this week to make a tag--something that I have always admired but never really tried.
There don't appear to be any size guidelines or rules to making tags as there are with ACEOs, so I just went ahead & made it the size I wanted to fit the picture I was using. Aside from the embellishments, I added a rose that I made with polymer clay. Hopefully you can see the words I stamped, "Perfect together".

If you are looking for inspiration, an artistic push, or to interact with some friendly, talented artists, why not stop by IA.

So, do you make New Year's resolutions or set goals for yourself?