Friday, November 30, 2012

New Necklaces

Hello everyone! I've been working hard this week to complete some ornaments and jewelry for my show tomorrow. I've packed most of it up and will set up tonight so I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow! Here are a couple of stone cab pendants that I finished:
Of course, these were all created using Nicole's Bead Backing and backed with the softest leather that I purchased from her, too. In fact, I think I may have purchased the two cabs on the right from her, also. The quality of the items she sells is just top notch, and I am excited that she has blogged that there will be some new items added to her shop.
The cab on the left is surrounded by Czech glass beads with an aurora borealis finish--they are not actually turquoise. Some would say this cab with its "cracks" is 2nd or 3rd quality, but I think it has a lot of personality & I like the way it came out.

Good Luck to all my blog friends who are also doing shows tomorrow--I know of at least two of you! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Art for Fun and a Sale!

Not what we say about our blessings but how we use them is the true measure of our thanksgiving. --W.T. Purkiser

I hope all my US friends had a nice Thanksgiving and a good weekend! We followed our tradition and spent our Thanksgiving with close friends. We shared great food and fun, had beautiful weather, and laughed all day. It was just what I needed to renew my soul. Our daughter returned to college yesterday and was picked up by the same friend who brought her home. It was great gas-wise to skip the entire trip, but sad because it means we say goodbye sooner.

While our daughter was home she requested I make her some little figures out of clay with a Christmas theme for her dorm room. I made the tree before she got home and let her decide what else she wanted.
It's going to be another busy week as I get organized and finish up a few things for my craft show this Saturday (Dec. 1).

In case you have your eye on anything in my shop, I'm running a cyber Monday sale starting right now! I take everything with me to the craft show--never know what will come home!

Use code BFCM20 at check out for 20% off thru midnight Monday, Nov. 26.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seems like I am taking a little break this week, but actually it is so busy I have not had a chance to post!

Our daughter arrived home safely last night--she caught a ride with her old roommate--after being caught in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. The ride that usually takes a little over 2 hours took nearly 5. Thank goodness for cell phones so we knew they were safe. The cause was a tractor trailer/multi car accident in the other direction that took the life of one person. I'm praying for all the people involved.

I want to wish everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow a happy day with family and/or friends! If you are traveling, please be safe! I am going to spend this time enjoying my family and being thankful for all our blessings.

Have a happy creative weekend everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2012


The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer somebody else up.--Mark Twain

It's been a busy week as I try to get ready for the holidays and the one craft show that I am doing on Dec. 1. Jenn gave me just the push I needed this week to get some of my tree topper angels made for the show and for Etsy, too! I'm going to show just one of them here to link up with the challenge; other colors are available in my shop.
Stop by and see what everyone has created for this challenge.

Have a happy, creative weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Altered Book Pages

It is in changing that things find purpose.--Heraclitus

Here are the last of my altered book pages! I can't believe I stuck with this project and finished my book! I did wind up removing a few more pages because there simply wasn't room for any more. All that is left is to make the cover--and I might add some fibers in the spine--which Elizabeth will post about soon.
This spread is all about Monaco! On the left you see the Casino with the beautiful fountain out front. The Ferrari is a tape transfer and since Monaco is the "playground of the rich and famous" I put it and a sailboat in the fountain! I couldn't find a suitable photo of a yacht. I carried the theme over to the right page with the card images. The rather haphazard directional signs & car remind me that Monaco is full of hills, tight turns & switchbacks.
This was the wrapper from a chocolate candy bar we had in Greece. I really liked the dual writing (also in English) so I added the fibers and divided the back of the wrapper in half. The background colors were meant to compliment the almond colors.
I didn't really intend to put the images at the top of the pages, but I had to cover up a picture that was on the page. I thought I had removed all of them but must have missed this one; and since I already used the back side of the page, I had to keep it in the book. I had fun with feathers and the mask depicting the Venetian festival of Carnevale.
Lastly, I made another spread with pockets that I edged with some travel themed washi tape. I punched holes & sewed around the edges. Although you can't see the one on the right side, each thread is ended with a red,white & blue bead dangle.

Thanks for stopping by to see the rest of my altered book and for all the nice comments you have left for me. I am so happy I took Elizabeth's course--I have a wonderful tribute to the places we have been!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Mistakes are valuable. They show us the correct path to take next time.--Unknown

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to play along with the Artist's Play Room. This week's prompt is sunsets and since I love them and have been trying to practice drawing trees without leaves, I thought I would join in.
Aceo=baseball card size. Watercolor and Sakura Micron Pens on a piece of card stock.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jenn!

In case you thought I was kidding...

Use your family's traditions and values to build the platform from which you soar to your own unique heights.--unknown

Here are some photos taken at 4 pm yesterday (Wednesday).

At 6:15 pm our power went out again but came back after just 15 minutes. It's been very windy and snowy, but as they say, the sun will come out tomorrow. Let's just hope it does and melts this stuff--our girl is planning to come home for the weekend.

I know it is only Thursday, but I'm wishing you a happy creative weekend in advance.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More AB Sharing!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! We are preparing for the next storm which is supposed to visit Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Thankfully, it is not sounding like it will be as bad as first predicted.

I thought I would share a few more pages that I created in my altered book.
Of course, this refers to New York City! Growing up just 40 miles or so from New York City, I have many happy memories of my mom taking us down to the city to see Broadway shows, attend museums, and visit many of the well-known landmarks. As a 20-something, I also enjoyed visiting the stores at the holidays with my friends to see their decorations and animated window scenes--a "tradition" my husband & I carried out with our daughter--until 9-11 that is.
Now anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog for awhile knows that I really love Elvis. I received the image on the right as a birthday card 10 years or so ago and have been waiting for just the right project to use it in. I have made "my pilgrimage" to Graceland as well as to Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi which he is holding in his hand.
The last spread I will share today is San Francisco which I visited on a recent trip--which reminds me I still have to post about the rest of my vacation! This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I will point out that the closest, largest cable car is actually a pocket in which I placed my ticket to ride. (Yup, love the Beatles, too!) See the little running board near the front of the car? My daughter & I stood on this little step & rode the California line up and down all the hills. We had a blast! It was like being on an amusement park roller coaster--when you were at the top of the hill, you couldn't see anything below until you started down and could then see how steep it was! The only scary part was when we passed another cable car going in the opposite direction--pretty close!!! We literally had to lean in!

Hope everyone stays safe tomorrow!

Friday, November 2, 2012

IA Challenge Mandala

When the power was out during the recent storm, I had to find a way to be able to keep creating. The challenge at Inspiration Avenue hosted this week by Beth fit the bill perfectly!

I have never made a mandala before, and I have to say I enjoyed it totally! I started out with just a dot and built it up, round and round, until I achieved this:
I realize it is not totally even, but as Beth suggests, it is more of a meditative exercise. I tried not to over think the patterns--just enjoy and let it happen!

Since I did not have an unlimited water supply, I opted to color it in with my Prismacolor pencils. The weather was not cooperating and I had to use a flash which produced the glare on the left side.
This was a wonderful challenge that kept my mind calm and occupied during the storm without power. Thank you Beth!

Thanks again to everyone who worried about us during the storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who continue to suffer the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Stay tuned next week to see if we get the Nor'Easter that is being predicted for mid-week! No, I am not joking.

Have a happy, creative, and safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storm Update

Two seconds after I posted this....the power came back on!!! Yay!

Hello my friends!

Thank you so much to everyone who has left comments or emailed me.

We lost power Monday night at 7pm--it is still out with no estimate of when it will be restored. We were very fortunate in that we did not get the huge amounts of rain that were expected. We had basically no damage to our property, but a lot of trees in the area came down. We have a generator (to which I am temporarily connected) and run it ever 4-6 hours even through the night.

There are so many people affected by this storm--many have been flooded or have lost their entire homes from fires caused by exploding transformers. They need your thoughts and prayers. We were so lucky! It is such a coincidence that we had a bad storm this same time last year!

I will be back as soon as power is restored. Once again, thank you so much for showing your concern--you all mean so much to me.