Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Last day...Paris, Part 2

Our final day in Paris was spent touring this romantic, beautiful city. This was my second trip here, and I must admit I enjoyed it much more this time.

We stopped first at the Eiffel Tower and ascended to the second level where we had magnificent views of the city. The elevator ascends up the leg of the tower on an angle--a very strange sensation! It was a clear day, and we were high enough up to be able to see really far, but low enough to be able to recognize building and landmarks that we saw on our boat ride yesterday.

The latter part of the day was spent visiting the Palace of Versailles. King Louis XIV built added on to this palace until it was the largest in the world. Later, this was the home of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who incidentally was the daughter of Maria-Therese of Austria (remember her?). They were betrothed to each other for purely political reasons-to unite Austria & France.

Perhaps my favorite place in Versailles is the Hall of Mirrors. This is a ballroom--long and narrow. On one side is a wall of windows looking out onto the gardens;
on the other is a wall of mirrors. It has the effect of making the room look twice as big as it is as it reflects the outside view-Ingenious!

Our last evening was spent in an authentic French Cabaret! The meal was excellent-numerous courses of salads, cheese plates, baguettes, Chateaubriand, and, of course, the wine was flowing. Then the show started...A fun time filled with musical numbers-singing, dancing, and some really good variety acts. The funniest was an acrobat/magician who called my husband on stage to be his assistant. You'd have to know my husband to know how really funny this was--He's the quietest guy and the last you'd ever think would do this. Sure the bottle of wine he drank nearly by himself helped. Well, we roared, good-naturedly, with laughter, and by the end of the night, he was famous. He even was given a diploma! Our whole group was patting him on the back & telling him what a good job he did. The rest of the audience was waiting in the lobby for him so they could shake his hand--Unbelievably funny, trust me!

I can't believe I am posting about the last day of our vacation. I have enjoyed reliving it and have the same sadness I had when it came to an end in real life. (Does that make sense?)But, oh, all the wonderful memories we have.

Thanks once again, for coming along. I hope you'll continue to read about all the Etsy shops that I am featuring as part of the "90 Features in 90 Days Challenge".

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