Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T Stands For A Walk Thru A Few Rooms

Hi Everyone! I am joining Elizabeth and the T Tuesday gang with yesterday's lunchtime cup of Jerry Cherry tea and some Italian Lady Fingers.
I have to admit that I much prefer the softer lady fingers that I grew up with--you know, the kind that most people line their pans with when they make tiramisu? Of course, that has driven their price way up with the popularity of this trendy dessert (which I am also not that fond of), so I "settle" for these.  Ok, getting off my stovebox and on to a look at the show at the museum.

This is the first room you enter which served as a little introductory to the craft. The sign explains the historical origins of flower beading and if I remember correctly introduces the theme of how everything changes with the passage of time. Combined with last year's leaves and dried botanical elements from the grounds of the museum it reminds us that all is transient in this world. It also gives hope by showing the changing of the seasons and the promise of new life. (Heavy thoughts!)
Yes, a rare photo of me! The solid purple flowers are my work, and the others belong to an artist from Utah who also traveled to Stockholm with her family, so we were both pretty much blown away from this first room. In this room was also a case that held some historical pamphlets and a vintage beaded sampler about flowers. From there you walked through black drapes into this room:

This room represented Winter. It was dark with spotlights on each of 6 arrangements in silver and white and muted color schemes. The bottom right photo shows the ceiling and there was soft tinkling music in the room. These three are my work. I just fell in love with the shadows!

That's all I have time for today. Thanks for stopping by for a cup of tea!


Darla said...

Nice to have a rare peek at you. All I can think of is how thrilled you must have been to see your work on display. The winter room is wonderful

Linda Kunsman said...

these are all so gorgeous and I am happy to have been able to get a better view by clicking on the pics! I too LOVE the shadow play in the winter displays. Happy T day!

Valerie-Jael said...

The exhibition looks wonderful, how great for you to really be part of it, wow! Lovely photo, too. Happy T Day and have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

Beautiful! This must have been so exciting! :)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey girl. I have to admit in all the years we have been communicating this is the first photo of you I have seen. You are a beauty and should show your face more often. This is an amazing first room and what a tribute to you and your fine art.
Have a great day

Dianne said...

oh my goodness...so gorgeous! your beaded flowers are truly art, and really enhanced by these presentations! happy T day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was super impressed with the flowers and how the rooms had been set up. What amazing "art" you created and to be in the spotlight with your pieces made it even more wonderful. Like Linda, I enlarged the photos and enjoyed the play on light and shadow. This was truly stunning.

Golly Debbie, I had no idea there were two kinds of ladyfingers, since the only ones I'm familiar with are the soft ones used in tiramisu. It must be the strong coffee in the dessert that you don't care for, or possibly the mascarpone.

When I saw the name of the tea, I thought of Jerry Garcia ice cream! I think I'd like this because I have some loose leaf called Very Cherry.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers with us, as well as your tea and ladyfingers for T this Tuesday. Again, your flowers are incredible.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh wow.. such an exiting exhibit! Great to be a part of it !
Happy T-Day!

Ariel said...

Wow! This must have been so exciting. Your flower exhibits look wonderful.How long will they be displayed? Great to see a photo of yours.
Happy T day

~*~Patty S said...

SO nice to see you Debbie
AND some of your beautiful work too.
I can only imagine you are still pinching yourself over the whole experience and great honor.
The exhibit is not only beautiful but thoughtful and deep.
I like the idea of the tinkling music.
The shadows certainly cast a magical spell as well.
Happy T Day oxo

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

It must have been such a huge experience to see your work on display like that. It is looking really professional and with great light and all. I like the stories behind how they have arranged it.
And I loooooove to see you - first time actually I have seen you Debbie. You look so wonderful!!!!!!!!

Rita said...

Nice to see you!
That room does have the look of winter.
Like your purple flowers.
Happy T Day! :)

johanna said...

how great to be in this Exhibition! bravo!!
wishing you a happy rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

How fun to find some art that is so closely related to your own. Thanks for taking us on the tour. Happy T-day, Debbie!

Magic Love Crow said...

Oh wow Deb! I am so proud of you! I have goose bumps all over me! So beautiful!!! And, you look so beautiful too! WOW!! I am so happy! Much love ;o)

Karla B said...

Love to see this amazing tribute to Mother Earth in a art exhibition!It is delightful!And it is good to see you Debbie!Happy T Day! :)