Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hi everyone! I have been neglecting my blog lately, but all is well here--just extremely busy. I want to create and post, I really do, but life keeps pulling me in all different directions. I've been taking time to do the kinds of things around the house and yard that one does when the weather turns warm.  We are also preparing for our daughter to move back home for at least the summer. We all thought this was going to happen at the end of June, but circumstances made her decide leave her apartment and come home earlier--as in this Sunday! So I have been scurrying around pulling out the packing boxes, suitcases and tubs in preparation. She plans to store some things in a storage unit so that will be helpful. Don't get me wrong--I am happy, but I thought I was going to have a little more time!

So, I never got around to posting for T Stands For Tuesday, but I had planned to show our blooming peonies and the beaded ones they inspired me to make.

I hope I can at least be inspired to create something for SOC and get it posted by the end of the week.

I hope you will all forgive me for not visiting as often...until my life's road straightens out again.


Janice Kay Schaub said...

Those are beautiful. I know how it is, trust me. School is out now (today) and so baby sitting begins but so does summer adventures. So much to do around the house and garden. Using time in a manner that allows for a bit of everything. That's the trick. I have put some of my indoor plants outside as I do every year. Your little pins look lovely outside as well as inside. I love the lady bug one especially but the dragon flys look sweet too. I left some out last year and they weathered well. They are in the shade so didn't fade. I will be keeping my eye on your shop. Money a bit tight at the moment but...........well, you know me.
All the best for a wonderful summer......Janice

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OMGosh, Deb. Both peonies are gorgeous. Mine are white with a touch of pink in the center, and have been gone for over a month. Yours is incredible. Not sure which I like better. The beaded variety or the brilliant pink planted variety.

I am sorry about T Tuesday. I've begun to wonder if starting so early is really worthwhile. I was doing it for those who live across the pond, where Tuesday has already arrived. However, it seems more and more are posting Monday night. It would be to MY advantage to wait until Tuesday at 12:00 am to post. I think I'll put it to a vote next week.

Valerie-Jael said...

Your peonies are lovely. Don't work too hard! I missed you, hugs, Valerie

~*~Patty S said...

Totally understandable.
This time of year can be extra busy without the excitement of kids moving back home :-)
Your beaded peonies are oh so splendid and do your pretty garden grown one very proud!

Magic Love Crow said...

Deb, life is life! Never apologize young lady! We love you! What gorgeous beaded peonies you did! WOW! Stunning Deb!