Friday, March 13, 2015

APC #25

Hi Everyone! It has been a ridiculous week here of internet connectivity problems in the part of the house where my laptop resides, which I hope are all sorted out now.  In the end we upgraded our internet to the highest speed for a smaller payment for month (figure that one out!) and added a signal booster.  That kept me from visiting much this week--I'll try to catch up over the weekend, but for now here are my altered playing cards for this week's challenge.
I wound up having a lot of challenge with this set of cards, mainly because I was again substituting what I had in my stash for what Claudine used. She used glossy paper this week with reinker ink to make awesome backgrounds. I used:
because it was the only glossy paper I had other than some blank glossy cards that I wanted for their original purpose. They were also rather thick.
Since I was using some kind of "generic liquid color" (not sure if it is ink or dye) that I had available in 3 colors, I decided to go with a floating medium since I was not sure alcohol would work.
I came out with two nice papers to use, along with a few book pages to use in later art. What I did not realize is that if you swipe through the paint with the glossy side of this paper, it does not dry. No really, not by the next day, and not even after I smooshed a lot of it off making a pattern.  I found this out because I actually used what I thought was the wrong side when I made the green one. So I remade the red one, seen above and glued them to my playing cards.
For this first card, I pretty much followed Claudine's technique, trying to make stenciled stars with my not dark enough ink pad ink. A little outlining later and at least I knew where the stars were.  The houses were cut from various scrapbook paper and doodled. Despite pressing the papers between books, I still could not get them to apply to the cards and stay flat.
The wrinkles are more evident in this second card.  At this point I was so frustrated with all the time spent working on the internet that I just wanted to get the card done.  Some hasty grass was drawn, bugs outlined, washi tape applied and then the frog. The frog is a rub on--an old one I might add that I had the good sense to try to rub on a piece of white paper that I planned to fussy cut and glue on.  No amount of rubbing made it come off so in the end I just cut around it and glued it on with gel medium. Since the visible side is actually the one that would be adhered to the paper I plan to put another coat of gel medium just over the frog so hopefully it won't come off or stick to anything.

Phew! What a week! Thanks for stopping by and sticking with this long-winded post! Have a happy creative weekend everyone!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was truly impressed with your choice of glossy paper. I'm not sure what ink you used, but these card came out SPECTACULARLY. They are truly lovely, far more so than mine, I might add. You went far beyond what I did, because you added more middle and foreground than I. I am super impressed.

Only two more weeks of these cards. I look forward to seeing how the wrap-up goes.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your cads, really well done! Sorry about the internet problems, and no, I can't figure it either! Hugs, Valerie

massofhair said...

If you can get a pot of DecoArt Ultra Matte Varnish, the reason for this is it will stick down old rub on paper that won't work anymore and it gets rid of the shine so it looks like the sticker has worked! Tried it when making the mini photo album, was surprised at how easy it was to do. Three layers of the varnish & done (thin layers and change direction each time so you get a perfect looking finish).

Your cards look amazing, great techniques and textures. Glad we are nearly finished. Have a fab weekend.

Mo:-) xxx

see you there! said...

I like both cards in spite of the frustration you had with making them. It is awful when problems with internet connection come up isn't it?


ionabunny said...

These are lovely. The backgrounds look great and I love your frog. Hugz

Magic Love Crow said...

Where do you get the time girl!!!! I need to come play at your house! LOL! They are both really special!! Hugs ;o)