Tuesday, February 10, 2015

T Stands For Tuesday-White Again!

Hi Everyone! Another Tuesday has rolled around, and I am searching for something new to share today with Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday. Grab your favorite beverage and welcome!
My beverage today is Vanilla Chai in what you may notice is a "new" cup.  I chipped the circle one and decided to dig out this old favorite.  When I was working for a doctor, he and his wife would always send me flowers to celebrate every occasion. This cup came with a beautiful arrangement one year for "Secretary's Day".  A bit corny looking now, but hey, it's purple! I just finished this last appliance cover for our large crock pot.  I ran out of a lot of colors I used in previous ones which is why it is mostly gold.  It came out okay for not having/using a pattern, but it was such an awkward project due to size and shape.

It seems like every week I have the same thing to say, but....
We had another 6-7" of snow yesterday! It is getting kind of tiring, and I am not even the one clearing the snow! Don't feel too bad for us, though, because anyone in the Northeast, especially around Boston, have been getting 12" of snow each snowfall!  They are up to about 7 feet now the last I heard! They are actually trucking their snow to designated lots where they are using special machines to melt it. They can melt 350 tons an hour.  Of course, it comes out as water which I suspect freezes on the ground but takes up much less space.
The icicles are continuing to grow.  These are on the front side of the house where there are fortunately only bushes below.  Not a place anyone would walk.
These are the ones on the back of the house.  During the day if the sun is out, they drip and thin out. They have become quite sharp looking, but really pretty!  I suspect they will be gone soon--one way or another--death by sun or husband, LOL!

I have a few other projects to share...
A custom order of three huge Hydrangea Flowers just finished!
The first hat I ever knitted (requested by DD) which is actually complete except for seaming up the back, with a load of bees that will soon be turned into plant sticks! Not the best picture, but it is dark forest green with loads of cables.

Thanks for stopping by! What are you up to today?



Divers and Sundry said...

Every time I think a bit of snow would be fun (it's been long years since we had snow of any depth to speak of here) I see a news story about the amount of snow y'all are getting and I miss it less. Those icicles are stunning!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh about the icicles meeting their fate. Hadn't heard about the snow removal situation, but am glad they have found a safe way to remove it. Last week, we were on the edge of snow/rain barrier, and we got rain. Over an inch, in fact. I kept thinking how much that would have been, had it been snow instead.

Your new crock pot cover is wonderful. You did a fantastic job for not having a pattern. Speaking of patterns, that hat is adorable, and I look forward to seeing more of your plant sticks. Of course, those hydrangeas were simply AWESOME. Very nice and realistic, too.

So glad you joined us for T this week with your cute Secretary's Day mug. I remember the date, too, because at one time, I even had a secretary. Thanks for sharing.

Valerie-Jael said...

My oh my, what a lot of snow again! Stay home, stay safe! Love your hydrangea flowers, and the hat is oming along nicely. Great crockpot cover, too, good idea! Hugs, Valerie

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow wee Debbie, those Hydrangeas are simply gorgeous!!! Your cup is very cute, the crock pot cover is really lovely and those bees are 'the bomb'!! How lucky your DD is, to have you making a cosy hat for her; it is surely needed in the cold air y'all are having there just now. Stay warm and safe indoors as much as you can. Happy T Day ((hugs))

Dianne said...

Your flowers are always so beautiful, but I am really taken by the little bees-- so cute! wonderful hat too. I admire anyone who can knit. try to stay warm...Spring will get here...eventually! happy T day!

Halle said...

We are getting ice and snow today. It's like a skating rink out there according to my hubby.
Your crockpot cover is awesome. I need to make one for my mixer and my sewing machine. I keep saying that but I never seem to get around to it.
Happy T day!

Linda Kunsman said...

Yes the weather had been equally nasty here in PA-though like you said thankfully we don't live in Boston! Some is melting today but more is expected Thursday and again on Saturday:( Love your beaded hydrangeas!! Beautiful crock pot cover too. Happy T day!

Robyn said...

lots join ton here- oh my those icicles!!!
Love your tea cosy and cup

Karla B said...

How I love your snow.I wish I could be there. Love your mug and your projects too!

Rita said...

Death by sun or husband--ROFL! You guys have had too much snow. Glad you finally sent a little our way this morning. ;) I do truly love icicles, even though they can be dangerous.

Great cover. I should make one for my appliances, too. Good idea. Happy T-Day! :)

Hettie said...

I just showed your photo to Hubby and we laughed at your comment about death by sun or husband. I cannot believe that Boston has 7' of snow!!! It was only a few months we were there and it tipped with rain!!

Krisha said...

Now, if they could just figure out how to get that snow to CA to melt our drought would soon be over......LOL

Sending you some CA sunshine and warm temps.
Thanks for visiting earlier
80' is still too hot for February above the equator!!

sheila 77 said...

Your beaded hydrangeas are magnificent and the hat looks as if it will be really cosy with the thick cables.
We haven't had any snow at all and are feeling deprived. Just about six inches would do, to scrunch through, but not any ice to slip on, thanks. I'm very impressed by the icicles.

see you there! said...

A day late. I like everything you've made but oh the hat! I'm all about hats at the moment as you know. I'm not sure I could cope with cables. A future project to try.


dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day late, I love seeing your icicles, they are so pretty! I am tired of the snow too and just heard about Boston this morning, how awful for them. Hope the snow stops and the warms temps come soon for them and us.
The hydrangeas are so pretty as is the hat you made. How nice to stay warm inside with crafts during the winter. Your crock pot cover too, well done! Stay warm and safe!

Carol said...

Your crockpot cover looks grand! I need to make a cover for my kitchenaide mixer . It sets on the counter all of the time since it's too darn heavy for me to lift in and out of a cabinet. Right now it just has a towel thrown over it to keep the dust off. I love the hat too. I crochet mostly and makes tons of hats but rarely knit. This week I decided to knit one... it's going rather slow :) I could have crocheted 3 hats in the time I've spent on this one. But I really like how it's looking. Those Hydrangeas are beautiful!!!!

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

Sweet bosses to have that sent flowers!!!! And the cup is great!! So is your knitting - I just love those bees!!! They would be nice stitch markers too :-)

~*~Patty S said...

Nothing lasts forever including winter and those fabulous icicles ... nice that you have some great photos of them. Thirty-four days and counting til the Spring Equinox.
Your beaded flowers and bees are oh so lovely Debbie!

Magic Love Crow said...

That cup is so cute!!! Wow, you got some icicles! Danger zone! LOL! Be careful ;o) I have knocked some of ours down. When I did, I ran! LOL!
Deb, those Hydrangea flowers are SO BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Glorious ;o)
I love your little bees ;o) Good luck with the hat ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)