Monday, February 2, 2015

Second on the second-February

Hi Everyone! I am joining Elizabeth today for her new blog link, called "Second Look on the Second" where we can share a favorite post from way back in our blog's history.  This post first appeared on June 4, 2007, when I told the story of a quilt I made. You may even recognize some of the fish from my altered books!

This quilt actually hangs in our downstairs bath. It takes up one entire wall. I made it from a pattern by a quilt artist whose name escapes me at the moment--but it is with the embellishing that originality comes into play. I'll list (since we all like lists so much ! LOL!) some of the embellishments...

1)The majority of the big colorful fish are cut from fabric & appliqued on.

2)Just above dead center on the quilt you may be able to see a small sand snail shell. This is a shell that I collected while visiting my grandfather in Southern Italy back in the 70s. He lived at the top of a mountain & we took walks everyday along the roads in the hills.

3)Here & there are some smaller blown glass fish & one or two wooden ones that started out life as earrings.

4)In the top left corner is a blue glazed sand dollar which was part of a necklace given to me over 20 years ago.

5)The mermaid, left of center, I made out of polymer clay, fabric, sequins & beads.

6)Below the mermaid is a lobster toy from a Happy Meal our daughter ate as a child.

7)Moving right is seaweed I made from tulle that my mom gave me.

8)And, the coral base is a brooch and the branches are part of a necklace that had belonged to my husband's family.

Writing this blog has made me appreciate this quilt even more. Hopefully some day, I can pass it down to our daughter.

Anyone with a family heirloom story?


see you there! said...

What an amazing quilt. I'm so glad you gave us the list of things you included - each with a special memory.


~*~Patty S said...

What a treat to see your beautiful quilt and having your description is great (I enjoy having details like that on my blog as it helps my memory)!
It's also fun that you just used some leftover pieces from your quilt recently.
Happy February Debbie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm with Patty. Sharing each detail really brings it to life, and helps preserve the memory, too. I was SO impressed, because I couldn't sew like that if my life depended on it. You did a wonderful job.

Thanks so very much for sharing this second look on the 2nd.

Krisha said...

I LOVE quilts, but ones that tell a story are a precious thing to make and have. Yours is so pretty and I love the story attached to each thing. Thanks for pulling it up for a second look.

johanna said...

how cool you have so many Memory Pieces included in that quilt! it Looks fabulous and i´m sure you´ve got many compliments from visitors over the years!

Halle said...

I love that each piece has a meaning behind it. I definitely would call it an heirloom.

Valerie-Jael said...

Whata a wonderful quilt, and definitely worth a second look! Hugs, Valerie

massofhair said...

Definitely an Heirloom Quilt in the literal sense, wonderful share Debbie :-) xxx

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Deb, this is amazing! I love how every little piece means so much on this quilt! So special! And it's that big! Amazing! I have taken all my mom's embroidery that she has done and put it away for me, because she can't do it anymore. Big Hugs ;o)