Friday, February 13, 2015

APC #22

Hi Everyone!  What a busy week here between snow just about every other day and we are back to frigid windy weather. We did manage to get out for the day on Wednesday which did a lot for my mood and got my altered playing cards finished, too. Here they are together:
This week, Claudine showed how she used Elmer's glue and stencils to achieve texture. She had a few problems but managed to work through and create her usual beautiful cards.
The first thing I decided to try was to use a thicker bodied glue than Elmer's since my Elmer's looks brownish and watery--does glue go bad? The second thing is that I did not really have an appropriate stencil so decided to make one.  Enter cardboard and crop-a-dile!
I haven't had my crop-a-dile long and am not that skilled at getting holes where I really want them, so I just punched randomly through this thick cardboard,
placed it, filled the holes, and swiped over the top of my homemade stencil with my finger to smooth it out and make sure it was totally filled.  Lifted straight up and got the result above.
These did take awhile to dry and when they did they had little dimples in the top, but I was still happy. After I dabbed on the paint, found my image and word, it looked plain so I did a little doodling.
For my second card, I decided to just zig zag the glue back and forth and let it dry before dabbing on the paint. This worked well also, so I think the key for me was using thicker glue.
It is hard to see, but the glue is raised up. I embossed my word and put a bit of star garland at the top.  I didn't feel like pulling out my sewing machine so I simulated stitching around the edges rather than on the washi tape which really did not show up because of the large image I used.  All in all, I considered these successful!

Have a happy creative weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


massofhair said...

Two fantastic APC's Debbie, good to read you need a thick layer of glue, thanks for the tip!

Need to catch up very soon as i am about 3 weeks behind:( xxx

Halle said...

Nice job with the homemade stencil. Great cards.

Valerie-Jael said...

These are both fantastic, absolutely wonderful! Hugs, Valerie

ionabunny said...

These are gorgeous. Love the colours and the images you used. Hugz

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

Wow so much work going into this!! I never thought of glue as a part of art!!! Yes, I belive glue can get old. I have experienced that it turn harder, gets yellow and does not serve its purpose...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm SO late visiting. Thanks for sharing these with us. I agree that thick glue works best, and was impressed how fast yours dried. Also LOVE the new stencil. Quite creative, in fact and a good way to get used to your new crop-a-dile. I assure you, you will LOVE it once you learn to use it properly (something I can't seem to get the hang of).

Both of your cards turned out so well. I was really, really impressed. This was ONE VERY successful week for you. Way to go.

Magic Love Crow said...

These are so cute! So much detail! Thanks for the smiles ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

ionabunny said...

These are great. I am working on these at the moment. My adventures with glue are currently uninspiring. Hugz