Friday, November 21, 2014

APC Week 11

Hi everyone!  Today, I am sharing my altered playing cards for this week. You can visit Claudine here to see her lovely examples and how they were created.
Here are my two cards together.  If you enlarge them you can really see the texture in the background.  The one on the left has a decorated paper towel as the background, and the one on the right had the paper towel removed just before it dried so it just has a hint of color and texture left.
Now, of course, I did not have a paper towel that I had blotted ink on when I was doing other projects, so I had to make one.  Just drips, splats, and blobs of various and miscellaneous inks.  I used some snow texture medium for the snowbank at the bottom and got the same wicking of color as Claudine did on hers--love it, but really didn't want it on my snowman.  So I used the same medium to make the snowman on a separate card, added the features with marker when dry, cut out and glued him onto the card.  A few plastic snowflakes and sticker letters, and voila`! I love how this one came out!
This is the one with the subtle color as the paper towel was removed just before it dried.  The wet surface of the glue transferred the ink and texture.  I stamped a few large snowflakes and then embossed them which is very hard to see in this photo.  The stem of the flower is washi tape. The head was free-form cut from a piece of scrap paper and a sticker flower added for some glitz. The dots are silver paint. I couldn't think of a suitable quote or wording, so I'll enjoy this one as it is!

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy creative weekend!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are both really beautiful, Debbie. I especially like the vibrant colors on that paper towel. And of course, I adore your snowman with his carrot nose.

I find it really difficult to come up with a good sentiment at times. That's why I often leave my cards without sentiments on them. I lucked out this week because I knew what I wanted on the cards before I created them. Usually, I struggle trying to figure out what is appropriate. Regardless, this is still a lovely piece, and the experience you got with the technique was worth it!

see you there! said...

Following along on this series of challenges has been interesting. I really do have to play with some paper towels. I like the effect you got with them - both the bold and the subtle versions.


massofhair said...

Gorgeous APC's Debbie, loving the textures and colours very much.

Am behind on a couple of challenges as been poorly and making Christmas bits and bobs, need to catch up!

Fab inspiration:-) xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

These are both gorgeous, love how you made them, too - paper towels are very versatile! Hugs Valerie

Kelly_Deal said...

Pretty! very cool!

Gloria said...

The pastel one makes me think of tropical places- wish it was tropical here! Your snowman card is happy!

It's currently icing rain down on top of a few inches of snow. It should warm up, though, so better days weather-wise this week.

Hope you didn't get snowed in up there.

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

That is so cool!!! I admire your ink work - I find it very difficult to control. And that snowman is just wonderful!!! Love the color work in it!!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I will just have to give that a try.......trouble is, whenever I want to try something it means getting a new set of supplies. I don't have inks.........Hmmm I must be creative.
Love them

Magic Love Crow said...

I love them both Deb! I love the texture! I love the colours! Excellent!!!
(Just to let you know, the mother of the neighbour beside us, was gardening till 2:00am this morning! Crazy! I have to find the money she is barring! LOL!)

Magic Love Crow said...

I have to say, you do so well with these challenges! The cards look amazing close up!

ionabunny said...

Love the snowman with the bright background. Very cool. Hugz