Tuesday, June 24, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Once again it is time to link up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth for another T(ea) Tuesday post.

I am so proud of myself that I remembered to photograph what I am drinking so I am showing it first....

I picked this up at the grocery store yesterday, and it is pretty tasty.  It comes in three other flavors: Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, and Peach Mango. It is 100% juice with one serving each of fruit and vegetable, but unfortunately, it still has a fair amount of sugar in it.  I suppose nobody would drink it if it didn't.  Anyway, I rarely drink juice, and just wanted something different than water or iced tea in this hot weather.

The kitchen renovation has been keeping me busy so I only have art of a different nature to show you today.
This is the current state of my kitchen. The cabinet frames have been cleaned, deglossed, and two coats of color applied.  But wait you say...it doesn't look different?  Well, that is because they were previously finished in a cherry finish, and I am using a color called Cabernet--like a deep red wine.  I love the color, and as you can see it goes nicely with the tile trim we have.  The floor is red oak Pergo that my DH and I also put down ourselves.
Some day I will be able to get our cars back in this two-car garage, but right now it is the perfect place to lay out the doors, drawers, and trim pieces that go at the top of the cabinets to paint. Same process as above--both sides of the doors, of course.  I am beginning to feel like the Karate Kid in the move---"paint the fence up and down, paint side to side--both sides"!

Next up will be the stain and then the top finishing coat.  After that the process of putting on the handles, hinges and rehanging and refilling everything!

I'll leave you with a photo of a new little visitor to our yard. Isn't he just the cutest chipmunk?  Thanks for coming by today!


Divers and Sundry said...

Sounds like you are busy! Kitchen renovations do that lol.

We have more chipmunks than anything else around here. They are cute little critters :)

Krisha said...

You are going to have a gorgeous kitchen when your finished.

I'm not a "juice" drinker, unless you count wine....LOL

Happy T-day

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post, your kitchen will be fab when it is done, but looks like a lot of hard work. Love your visitor, too, what is it? Hugs, Valerie

Flowermouse Design said...

Great color you chose for the kitchen and what a nice thing to have a garage to paint in!!! I also wonder if your little visitor is a squirrel of some kind? He is really cute!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Your chippie sure is a cutie...
Pear juice and apple juice are sometimes used as natural sweeteners with no need for sugar...I am amazed by how much added sugar is in so many products.
When our boys were young we bought the then hard to find cans of Juicy Juice with no added sweeteners and added a splash of unflavored bubbly water and they thought they were having fruit soda LOL.
Good luck on your kitchen redo...bet it's going to be fabulous once the dust settles!
Happy T Day

see you there! said...

Kitchens are hard work to re-do since it seems you have to keep using them. You are doing great. The juice is a pretty color and no doubt tasty but as you said a lot of sugar. I don't even sugar my ice tea.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh, I want to try the peach mango. It sounds great. I don't think we get that brand where I shop, but will look for it elsewhere.

You are going to have a lovely kitchen when the renno is finished. Believe me. I've been there, done that. But after taking off the first door, I realized they were NOT the same, so I had to leave mine on, and remove everything before sanding and painting. Looks like you actually got a better deal. That's why it pays to have real cabinets built by someone else, instead of homemade ones like I got!

Yep, that's a cute chipmunk. None in my area, but I'm so glad you shared your new friend with us.

Thanks for sharing your T Tuesday with us, while involved in your renno.

Robyn said...

sugar or no, the music looks tasty ! and so does the kitchen redue! So much work- blessing on you!
Cute little chipper- in your garden!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ohh I have seen this in the store. Maybe I will try it. Your kitchen is awesome!!!!!
Have a great day today

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Deb ;o) First I want to say, thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog for mom ;o) I am so excited to print all the messages off for her ;o)
Wow girl you are busy! I love the way your kitchen looks ;o) I love the rich colours! Beautiful! Make sure you take sometime off for yourself ;o) You made me laugh about the karate kid! LOL!
I love chippy ;o) LOL!
The drink looks yummy ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Halle said...

I really want to paint our kitchen cabinets...but the work involved and disruption in our lives is winning the battle in not doing it for now. I want to do red as well then put a brown glaze over top to dull it down...give it that distressed sort of look.
Great job!!

Nancy said...

The kitchen is going to great --lots of work, but worth it :)
Your juice looks refreshing, so pretty too.
The chipmunk is precious, I don't see near as many of them as I used too. Love the markings.
Happy Tuesday :)

Gloria said...

That's a beautiful color combo, your kitchen is going to feel great to be in once all the hard work is done. I'd like to redo my cabinets, but the entire kitchen should be redone, so will have to think about it some more.

Chipmunks lived in both my yards. They were so smarty pants and left the empty acorns and shells on the porch. The little scamps would tease my dog, lol.

My blog list is not updating at all, only showing one blog, so I am not keeping up with new posts, there must be a bug in blogger somewhere.

Have a Happy 4th!

Denise Price said...

Good luck with your kitchen renovation. It's coming along really nicely. Happy T Day!

PS Adorable chipmunk. :)

Denise Price said...

PPS Thanks for your comments on my list. I liked finding out what we have in common. Soon you'll be baking in your newly-renovated kitchen. :)

Ariel said...

That is a lot of work in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing this drink.
Have a lovely week

IrelandBrady said...

Impressive! Your kitchen is going to be wonderful once you have completed everything! So happy for you!

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! Happy to see another new yummy drink on this T hop, thanks for sharing it. I too get tired of ice tea and go to a juice, usually it's orange juice. I will add this one to the list to try. Oh and almost forgot the occasional drink of lemonade.

WOW, how exciting to have new color in your kitchen. Can't wait to see them. A fresh coat of paint is what they say can liven up a room.

We seem to have a cutie like this popping up too. Great photo!

Brown Paper Bunny said...

Oh that chipmunk, too cute for words!