Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T Tuesday

This is not the T Tuesday post that I originally planned to share with you, but since it is raining today and my craft project is a bust, I'll share some photos from our garden taken yesterday.
This has been a really bad growing season and not many flowers have bloomed.  The ones above were among the first to bloom.  They are over 4 ft. tall (about 1.2 meters) on spindly thin stems, but they never seem to topple over.
I love the bright pink of this daisy variety.  The corkscrew vine you see is one I missed removing when I pulled out all the gourd vines...Gourds are very prolific vine-makers, but by mid-August with not a budding gourd in site, they would never get to maturity so I pulled them out.
Do you think this little guy is looking for a four leaf clover?  He actually was on the ground right next to a smaller frog, but of course, that photo came out blurry!
Oh, well, Happy T Tuesday everyone.  I'm trying to get a jump on some Christmas beading while I enjoy my cup of Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea.  The poinsettias will each be attached to a candle holder.  This cup is one of my favorites. My late father-in-law had a set of them which I always admired.  He gifted one to me shortly after we were married (22 years this Saturday).   The bottom is marked "Made in Japan" and it is painted with gold on the cup bottom and handle.  Needless to say I take very good care of this "priceless" heirloom.

Thanks to Elizabeth for hosting T Tuesday!  Here is her post where you will find links to everyone participating.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to read that your craft project was a bust. I am anxious to see where things went wrong.

That's a beautiful cup and saucer. I wonder if it came from "occupied Japan," something I found on a Kewpie doll I acquired more than a few years ago.

Your soon-to-be candle holders are already looking beautiful. Such attention to detail, too.

Happy T today.

Anonymous said...

Your beading is incredible! what a great art form-
I love all the flower shots you've shared. I haven't grown any cosmos in a very long time. They are tried and true staples of any garden as they can withstand all kinds of conditions. We have a plethora of blackeyed susan's which are hardy as well so that will have to do me for now.
Love your little frog visitor. I haven't seen many around here lately which surprises me as we are having a record breaking wet summer this year.
Happy T day to you!

Halle said...

Beautiful flowers! I grew those first ones one year...in a pot...I didn't know they'd get so tall. Needless to say the pot blew over a few times.
Love the tea set. I understand why it's so precious to you.
Happy Tuesday!

Divers and Sundry said...

your craft project may have been a bust, but your bright flowers brightened my day. it's been unseasonably rainy here for what seems like forever!

i've a weakness for cups and mugs, especially blue or yellow ones, and yours is lovely! so delicate.

happy t tuesday :)

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely violet tea cup and I admire your patience for doing the beaded flowers...
I have tried it and it is very time consuming...you're getting great results!
Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and a Happy T Day today.

Cazzy said...

Happy T day! Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments on my page.

Your flowers are gorgeous, we don't have many this year either.

The beaded poinsetta's are truely beautiful, and your candle holder will be stunning! Love your heirloom cup too, it is so delicate.

Cazzy x

Marianne said...

oh look at those beaded flowers ! and they look so pretty with your tea.
I live in the woods and cant grow zinnias. I love how tall they can get. Real show stoppers.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy Tuesday! What a lovely post you have today. The flowers are all pretty and GO YOU for getting ready for Christmas this early. Will you come get my things ready too, please!!!! Enjoy your tea and frog visits, see you next week.

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my, love that teacup and saucer, you would indeed feel very special drinking tea from that and your beaded poinsettias are wonderful, wish I had the skill and patience to be able to produce something liek them!

Krisha said...

WOW that beading is super!! Love the flower pictures, sorry the weather isn't behaving for you.
Thanks for the visit

Rita said...

Beading takes a lot of patience! Love the flowers and Sir Frog. That is such a pretty cup and the poinsettias remind me that I had better start thinking about making Christmas cards--LOL! ;)
Happy Tuesday!!

Denise Price said...

Your flowers--both real and beaded--are lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy T Tuesday!

Gloria said...

Pretty violet cup and saucer!

I haven't seen a frog in person for many years, he's so small.

Your pointsettias are a perfect size, I'm looking forward to a change in the weather. It's been very dry around here.

Happy Anniversary!

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Debbie - what beautiful floer photography - I always end up with blur...LOL your Japanese cup is beautiful - Happy T for Tuesday - Mxx #20

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Deb ;o) Sorry I haven't written! I will soon ;o) I love your flowers! We have had no flowers come up this year, except for our Rose Of Sharon and our Hostas, oh, and my Russian Sage, but that's it! I love the little frog! So cute! The beaded poinsettias are going to be beautiful around the candle holders! I love the tea cup ;o) I hope you enjoyed your Tea ;o) Hugs ;o)

see you there! said...

Great start of Christmas, I'm never so far ahead. Such a pretty cup and of course the history behind it makes it precious.


Makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com said...

Pretty flowers! It's always a good idea to get a jump on Christmas projects, it will be here before you know it. :-)