Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AB Lesson 18

Lesson 18 was student's choice and transfers and pop-ups won! Of course, Elizabeth did her usual fabulous job in presenting more ways to make transfers than I had time for! I did, however, get hooked on the one I tried, tape transfers:
With the exception of the camels, the Matryoshka dolls, the Scottish cattle & the Spinx, everything else is a tape transfer! I just had so much fun experimenting with making these transfers that I made a page to show the many faces of travel. Sadly, you cannot see with the photo, but the four presidential heads found on Mt. Rushmore are transfers superimposed on the Matryoshka dolls' faces. It is pretty cool in person, though. And yes, I followed Elizabeth's very good advice & dumped all the water and wet paper outside!

I thought the pop-up was going to elude me until I was gifted a book by my friend, Stacy, which happened to have a cool pop-up in it. Once I thought of a theme, I made a very simple pop-up surrounded by some appropriate images:
I stabilized the Coliseum with some card stock, added two tabs on the bottom, folded it in half and figured out where to glue them onto the page. I hope you can read the words.."imagine the scene" and see the gladiator peaking over the top.

I have also been working hard to complete most, if not all of the empty pages in my book to prepare to decorate the cover, but I will leave those for another post!


Beadwright said...

Wow these look amazing. Great job.

Dawn said...

Love your pages Debbie, tee hee can really see how much fun you had playing with the transfers, they have worked so so well too, well done you.
Huge hugs x x x x

Flowermouse Design said...

It is always a surprise to see what you come up with. What a great process!! I love this!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Amazing my friend!!! Everything is looking fantastic! I love the pop up with the gladiator! A+++

paulaexuk said...

Well you certainly did have success with the transfers Debbie, wish I could say the same. Perhaps I will try the tape method. Love the humour of the gladiator peeking up behind the coliseum, well done.

elle said...

The tape transfers were the ones I liked best. You did a super job of all of yours.