Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation 2012-Part 1

I have finally gone through and organized the photos from our recent motorcoach trip to California and some of the National Parks. I'll try not to bore you to tears, but be warned most of the posts will be long!
One of our first stops was to visit Old Town, San Diego. This was a small state park that recreates life back in the mid 1800s. There were shops, restaurants, a school house, post office, and museums.
This cool mural was actually the back drop on a stage.
These were exhibited inside one of the gift shops--they just intrigued me!
After a quick group photo in front of the USS Midway,a US Navy Aircraft Carrier that is now a Naval Museum, we spent a little bit of time driving around San Diego's famous Balboa Park. It is about 1200 acres of museums, music venues, gardens, hiking & biking trails.
Just look at the front of the Museum of Man!
This is an outdoor pipe organ! The rest of the afternoon was spent at the San Diego Zoo. Now I know you all know what animals look like...but here are a couple of my favorites:
Next we made our way to Arizona, from Scottsdale to Sedona. As we moved up in elevation we were treated to miles and miles of Saguaro Cacti, most of which were hundreds of years old! This is the only place on earth that these beauties grow. It takes them about 50 years to blossom and 75 years before they start grown arms, and they are protected by law.
Hard to get a picture from a moving bus!
Isn't this a beauty?
Sedona is known for its beautiful red rock formations-This is Bell Rock,
Beautiful art,
And Jeep Tours down into the canyons! This had to be the bumpiest ride I have ever been on, but we loved it and could not stop laughing! A cowboy took us on the ride and told us about the area and fun stories and legends. I'll leave you with a couple of photos...
Next stop, Grand Canyon!


Melissa said...

We love the San Diego Wild Animal Park - it has been a long time since we've been to the zoo.

It has also been a long time since I've been to Balboa Park (like the summer I spent with Tim's family when I was in college - years and years and years ago). But we drive under the bridge every time we go too and from the airport.

I want to see Saguaro so badly. The girls have an awesome book about the life cycle of the cacti and when they were younger would make me read it repeatedly.

Flowermouse Design said...

I so want to go to your country!!! This made me want it even more. And I can not wait for the grand canyon tour!!

IrelandBrady said...

Beautiful photos .... looks like you are having one grand vacation! said...

Love your photos! I can't wait to visit Sand Diego and that is exactly where we are planning for our next vacation in September, either that or Hawaii according to husband dear. I would love to visit the San Diego zoo!!! :-)

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm not bored!!! I want more! I love this Deb! Looks amazing so far! The Saguaro Cacti are beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of this!! Oh, I hope your bums were ok from the bumpy ride! LOL!

Roxanne said...

I'm with Stacy, not bored at all and want more! Lovely pictures. :)

Beadwright said...

Love San Diego but my heart is in AZ. So glad you were able to go and take in the magik of the desert. Great photos.

New End Studio said...

Great photos, Debbie. Not bored at all- San Diego looks like a terrific place to be a tourist.

see you there! said...

Have family in San Diego so your photos were a welcome reminder of time spent there. Haven't been to Sedona but have seen other parts of the desert.

I love travel/vacation photos.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've always wanted to move to San Diego, but the cost of living is actually cost prohibitive. A bungalow similar to mine cost over $500,000 back in 2001. I haven't been there since 9/11, so have no idea what the cost of living is now. But I was always in love with San Diego. In fact, I bet several friends (even one from FL) that the show "Silk Stalkings," which aired back in the early 1990s, was shot in San Diego, not Palm Beach, where the show is supposedly set. I knew because of all the scenes from Balboa Park. And of course, the Zoo brought back loads of memories, especially of the bus tram and sky thingy (can't remember what it's called).

Lori said...

What fun... Its fun looking at your pictures and "remembering different times when I was there. Looking forward to more pics!!!!

Jenny Woolf said...

It was nice seeing these shots. They reminded me of trips I have made. The thing that really struck me about Sedona was seeing it from a distance, with the rocks half red and half cream. It looked quite exotic and unreal.

Glad you enjoyed your interesting trip. (and those boots are something else. )

MaRyKaY said...

how awesome. that pic of the old keys and boots had me mesmerized too. I love seeing old stuff like that. I'm so glad you shared that with us. thank you and looks like you seen some great stuff.
I love how the internet helps people like me travel the world who never get's to leave home their self. thank you