Monday, July 2, 2012

AB Lesson 9 Backgrounds

"If you can't seize the day, at least hold on until tomorrow." --unknown

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been hot here in upstate New York, but I am not complaining since it rained here at home nearly the whole two weeks we were away!

I spent much of this past weekend happily catching up on my altered book. In Lesson 9, Elizabeth shared a wealth of information on how to make some cool backgrounds. She has an awesome tutorial tab on her blog where she shows many of the backgrounds in her post, as well as, many other tutorials that I am just itching to try!

The first background I tried was the "Smoosh & Twist"--Just the title made me want to try it:
I created this one right in my book with the top page being one of the loose pages I originally thinned from my book. I chose these specific colors with a spread in mind which I will show next time.

My next background was based on her "Napkins, glazes, stamped" background. This background is meant to beautify an otherwise ugly sheet of paper:
This was a great way for me to use a paper that I didn't like and didn't think I would ever find a use for! Since I do not have glaze--and I am all about using what I have--I tore my napkins and did a decopage collage type of covering. I used cheap, thin white paint on a clear stamp to stamp some images. I like it now. Since the paper is rather heavy...I will probably decorate it and add it as a tip-in. Elizabeth has great tutorials on how to do this, too! I'll have to remember to decorate the back of the paper also.

I was familiar with the "Bubble" background as I have used this technique before. I made a cover for a book where I keep the drawings I have made for my beaded sun catchers.
Lastly, I wanted to show you my Disney page again...I redid it with the black background. I like it a lot better!
I really missed working on my book!


Flowermouse Design said...

What an interesting post Debbie. And I really love that you use what you have - it is so easy to run to the shop only to realize that one can do without. I love it when you show how you experiment with the different techniques - and I must say that the disney side is truly amazing. A real faerytale!!

Beadwright said...

Hey Debbie these are great backgrounds. I love the orange one.
Nice to see your post

IrelandBrady said...

These are all just wonderful! You are learning a lot of great techniques!

Especially like your Disney one!

Magic Love Crow said...

Bravo Debbie! You are doing a great job with all these different techniques! I am learning things from you! Your Disney page looks fabulous ;o) I just saw your rooster! So cute! Big Hugs ;o) Oh, can you send some rain my way, please ;o)

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Very interesting textures. I like the black background on the Disney page- could work well for fourth of july fireworks too.

Crystal said...

I love your Disney page! Happy July 4th! :-)

Melissa said...

Very neat!! I like your napkin page...

Dawn said...

What beautiful backgrounds Debbie. I particularly love the tissue paper one (one of my fave crafting items lol), your disliked paper now has a new lease of life and what a fab way to upcycle it.
Hugs x

Faerie Moon Creations said...

The backgrounds all look wonderful!!! I especially like the napkins, glazes, stamped one. Great job!

see you there! said...

You have some terrific background pages. Elizabeth is so generous with her time, posting all those tutorials. One day I'm going to tackle this project.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And I've really missed YOU, too, dear friend. I can't believe you were gone, then my computer decided to have a meltdown, then I had to leave for the holiday, and now I'm back trying desperately to catch up.

I got the glazes at my local household hazardous waste swap and shop, or I would not have them, either. Watered down paint works just as well, I think.

Isn't it amazing what a bit of paint and napkins can do to a horrible and boring sheet of ugly scrapbook paper? You did a fantastic job of turning it into something I know you'll be able to use, too.

And yes, I love the revised Disney spread. Of course, the smoosh and twist pages are SO easy and fun. And no two are ever the same!!