Monday, July 23, 2012

AB Lesson 12

Elizabeth's Lesson 12 is chock full of altered book goodness--folded pages, pockets, & spinners! Before I show you my pages from this week, let me just say I took a little artistic license with this lesson, so check out Elizabeth's blog to see how she taught these techniques.

I'd like to tell you that I am a genius and combined the three elements into one by design, but it didn't happen that way. Despite reading over the lesson several times before I began, I made an "error". I still like the way it all turned out--it certainly is my most elaborate page so far. This is my Las Vegas spread:
The left page has an image of the Eiffel Tower because we stayed at Paris Paris right on the strip. The building to the right is part of the hotel & I, again, used our room key to make a tag. I used the building as a pocket. BJ gave me a really nice tip on how to keep the top from tearing on my last lesson which gave me an idea how to strengthen this pocket. Since I didn't want anything to show, I backed it with duct tape--strong as ever!

On the right page, I used a map of the Vegas strip to line the pocket/folded page--I'll show you that tag in a minute. Remember my color wheel? Well I turned it into a roulette wheel & used a paper fastener to attach it to the tip of the folded page. It probably sticks out of the book a little farther than had I done the folded page as Elizabeth taught, but I need to let loose & get messy! Just below the wheel you will see "The Rat Pack is Back". This is a show we went to see which you will understand when I show you the next page:
The Rat Pack was a group of actors/singers that in the 1960s included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., & Joey Bishop. If you enlarge the photo, you'll see that I added rat noses & whiskers to them--gave me a chuckle.

On the left page is a vegas-themed piece of card stock I had, so I used it to line this side of the folded pocket. I cut out an extra playing card to hide the back of the paper fastener and glued on a microphone to tie into the right page. It's hard to read, but the wheel says "Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows".
Here's a better look at the tags I made. The two dice on the lady luck tag are buttons that I cut the shank off of & attached to the ribbon. You can also see the background with the sparkle I added.

Can you tell I love making this?


BJ said...

Brilliant pages, great foldedness and super tags. I often use photos as pockets on my scrapbook pages, glad the reinforcing suggestions helped. BJ (struggling to write my page as we are having internet/router problems) BJ

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Great Job- lots of interesting elements! Very Vegas. Love the tower and the color wheel.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Great Job- lots of interesting elements! Very Vegas. Love the tower and the color wheel.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a super, incredible way to display your color wheel and still keep with the theme of your AB. I'm more than a little impressed with your pages. These are simply incredible.

It seems BJ has lots of tips and help for others. She's a real trooper and truly came through for you. There's NOTHING duct tape can't cure (OK, I'm a big fan of MacGyver).

Almost forgot to mention how funny those noses were!

Flowermouse Design said...

So amazing with all those detail - and yes it is obvious that you loved making it. You are so talented Debbie!!!

Melissa said...

I can tell you enjoyed making these two spreads - it really shows in the detail and quality of these two pages.

craftattack said...

Love all the detail here, the pages look great. Love all those little extras you have built in! Valerie

Magic Love Crow said...

Deb, you are a genius! This is amazing! The detail! Wow! You can tell how much you are loving creating this book! I love how you turned the color wheel into the roulette wheel! The rat noses and whiskers made me laugh too! Brilliant my friend!

donnalouiserodgers said...

what a very happy accident, you could not have designed it better!

love the theme,


Terrie Purkey said...

Excellent pages and it's so cool to see you continuing to work in your book. Mine has unhappily fallen to the back burner but I love seeing what others are doing. Yours is so fun and will be FAB when done. Thanks for being so sweet about my son - I'm so ready to get back to my art room!

paulaexuk said...

Wonderful ideas and use of your pockets and especially the colour wheel. Great pages