Friday, April 20, 2012

A Long Time Coming

A good character is more valuable than gold.--Philippine proverb

It has been an embarrassingly lon-n-n-n-ng time coming. So long that I hope my friend, Nicole, will not have given up on my promises that it was coming soon. Knowing Nicole, she did not. Too long ago to admit mention, I purchased a copy of Nicole's book, Gourdgeous Beaded Gourds.
I have always been fascinated with decorative gourds and was looking for the needed push to get started. This book provided that and more! Not only was it very comprehensive, from the basics to some very fancy beading stitches, but there was a gallery filled with her gourds and some from other contributors. Using her techniques and tips and, of course, her wonderful bead backing, I was able to embellish my first gourd:
Since the sea was my inspiration, Nicole's "curls and swirls" technique was perfect to simulate waves! I followed through with the loops of shells & finished it off with a shell medallion that I created on the bead backing. Here is a close-up:
Do you see what I saw as I started arranging the shells? Right in the center is a shell that resembles an otter! I did not see this until I had started positioning the shells on the bead backing!
I could not be more pleased with how my first gourd turned out, and while this is absolutely an unsolicited post, I thank Nicole for her wonderful directions, inspiration, and most of all, patience! If you have a chance, visit her Etsy shop and see all the goodies she has for sale. She also has a blog where she often shows her beautiful work--stop by and say hi!

Have a wonderful, creative weekend everyone!


Kokopelli said...

One word: gourdgeous! Beautiful colors and great work.

Melissa said...

Coolness - very beautiful!! I grew gourds last year - they are still waiting for me to clean them up then I need to do something with them.

I really like how you interspersed pearls with the shells.

Flowermouse Design said...

Debbie, I am so impressed by your gourd. I really did not know about this craft at all. I love the sea theme you did. Thank you for sharing - it is so much fun learning about another craft!! Have a lovely weekend!!

Beadwright said...

Ohhhhhh (finally) hee hee hee. I am so proud of you for getting a beaded gourd out. I love that you did my Curls n Swirls too. You made my day I am smiling form ear to ear. Great job and thanks for showing off my book too.

New End Studio said...

Like your sea theme, nice beading and colors! Yes, I see the otter!

IrelandBrady said...

Your gourd is wonderful! Love the "Otter" sea shell!

Magic Love Crow said...

Again, you amaze me!!! Wow Deb!! Gorgeous!!! I see the otter! So cute! A+++

see you there! said...

Beaded gourds? Who knew? I love seeing new creations and your sea theme is terrific.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I DID see it! How cute!!!! And what a great beaded gourd. I love gourd art - you did an amazing job!