Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook Info

If you use Facebook and have not already adjusted your security setting, you may be interested in the following:

 While on Facebook, look at your URL address; if you see http: instead of https: then you don't have a secure session and you can be hacked. Go to Account|Account Settings|Account Security and click Change. Check at least the first setting, FB defaults to the non-secure setting.

"The Social Network" won 3 Oscars last night for Best Adapted Screenplay, Film editing, and Music. I have not seen it yet but probably will in the next week or so.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


Beadwright said...

Thanks Debbie. I do have a FB account but I hate FB and never go there. I did make the change though.
Have a great week

Marie S said...

LOL!! Beadwright!
Thank you for the heads up, so many durned rules all of the time.
I did adjust my account.
I love the pressies you got for OWOH. I was so dedicated last year and this year I jusy couldn't do the whole thing. Too much on my plate I guess. Might just be the 2 year old. ;-D
Have a great week dear one.

Regina said...

Ohhh Debbie....thank you for the FB FYI. I'm going to go change mine right now.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Debbie, I'm not on facebook and I haven't seen the movie!

Magic Love Crow said...

I forgot to say, having a blog, is enough for me! LOL! I don't know how you all do it with facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.

art2cee2 said...

Didn't know about the facebook thing, I will check that out for sure! Don't want to be hacked. My daughter had someone hack into hers and it was sending messages to her friends. I saw "The social network" and it was really good, I enjoyed seeing how it all started. it was also kind of neat that two different guys played identical twins with movie magic putting the same face on them both. :-)

M. Estes Zywar said...

Hello Debbie!
Thank you for the FB info!
As far as movies...There are so many I do want to catch.
I haven't seen the "Social Network" yet but it is on my list.
I met you during OWOH and I am hoping that you will drop by my blog also!
I do have a "gift away" going on this week.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thanks for the info. I really enjoyed The Social Network - great performances all around. :) Theresa