Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

Happy November Everyone! We had a fun weekend visiting our daughter at college. There were lots of Halloween-themed activities & we went to a few info meeting on Study Abroad & Studying Domestically at other nearby colleges.
Above are two more figures I made her. Perhaps you saw the "Boo" Halloween decoration? Well, I made the scarecrow to replace the ghost & the crow on the haybale to replace the candy corn. I figured she could keep the pumpkin & turn it around so you don't see the letter--She was thrilled! The lunch event was called, "Taste of Home" and the offerings were from recipes sent in by parents. They gave us a cookbook of all the recipes as we entered the Dining Hall! Later on after dinner, my husband & I drove to our Motel & our daughter dressed up and roamed the campus with some friends. Breakfast was amazing, too--so many choices, all good, including make your own Belgian Waffles (offered all the time!)
After Breakfast, we decided to go to a nearby town & visit another college as well as  window shop in the town. It is a very old, historic area--most building are from the 1800s. One particular store we went into was in a building that had been a bank. The name was still chiseled on the outside facade & there was a cool clock inside. The check out counter was made from safety deposit boxes! Very Cool!
Later in the day, we got tired and hungry if you can believe that, so we headed back to her college. We had some homemade cream of chicken soup with a little pasta on the side. Yum! The food really is good...oh, and parents eat for free--all the time, not only during Parent's Weekend!
We left around 5 pm so we could get home for some of the trick or treaters. Oh, and here is what our daughter got for dinner.....Yup, every Halloween--A lobster dinner!

Hope you had as fun a weekend as we did!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Debbie, wow, I think you and your hubby should go more often to see your daughter!! That food sounds amazing! LOL! And, your daughter got a lobster dinner!! Every Halloween!! You guys know how to eat!! LOL!! The old historic area sounded very cool! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

Magic Love Crow said...

I forgot to say, I love what you made your daughter!! The crow is my favourite ;oD Wink ;o)

Kristen said...

Love that crow! What a great time you had and what a dinner!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

LOL, the food is really good (although not always hot enough)! It is like a cruise ship buffet!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I like your Halloween dinner! :)

That scarecrow is beyond cute!