Friday, July 2, 2010


Today is an absolutely gorgeous, breezy, cool day here. Under a cloudless blue sky, my husband & I enjoyed a 3 mile walk around the lake this morning. This afternoon the sky is filled with large puffy clouds. I could enjoy a summer day like this forever....However, it was marred by the wasp who took it upon himself or herself to sting me. Ouch does this hurt! I went outside to throw a couple of salmon burgers on the grill for lunch & on my way back into the house I felt a pinch on my inner forearm-yes the part that leans against your body when you are typing, crafting, or doing almost anything! Since I was near the front door & the wasp flew that way, I did let it out although I must admit I wanted to squash it. I do have a slightly sadistic nature towards things that get in the house, especially if they bite me.

We are looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow before the heat & humidity return. Going flea marketing tomorrow--though it is mostly new items--I just love to walk around.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy 4th of July!


Magiclovecrow said...

Hey Debbie

I hope you are feeling ok ;o)
Take Care, Stacy

Melissa said...

What a bummer - at least you are not allergic!!