Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspired by Nature's Paintbrush

I love color--especially intense color! Oh, sure, there is a place for pastels and soft colors, in a Wedding Bouquet or Spring corsage for example. For me though, nothing beats the bright vivid colors of Summer as painted by Nature.

Every year our back yard is dotted with these gorgeous oranges lilies. Despite something (someone) shearing off the top of one of my plants...I still had a profusion of orange color! Unfortunately, they do not last forever...but I assure you my version will! This latest bouquet will be in my Etsy shop tonight!

Have a wonderful day!


she dreams big! said...

These lilys look just like the real thing! Mine are done now but they sure are a showstopper in the garden!

Have a great week!

Marie S said...

I agree Debbie, these flowers and their colors are just gorgeous in real life.
Your beaded ones are divine though.
Just lovely!!
Have a great rest of the week.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How gorgeous!!! These lilies are SO beautiful - you did a lovely job with them. :) Theresa

Melissa said...

I so want to learn how to do this...time is the issue. I have a couple of books from the library and I so want to make the wheat heads for my Mom (I grew up in Kansas).

Your stuff really is amazing.