Monday, May 3, 2010

Wild, Wonderful Weekend!

Last Thursday as you may remember, my husband & I went to New York City. After we took care of the purpose of the trip we had a really nice time wandering around. We stopped in St. Patrick's Cathedral which along with being the most important Catholic church in New York, also happens to be the spot where my husband proposed. After lighting some candles we decided to head over to Times Square to walk around. On the way, we stopped at a steak house that my Mom and his parents used to take us to (separately,of course)when we were kids. It was a wonderful nostalgic stop for us!

Friday, we took my Dad to his follow up doctor's appointment & I am so happy to say that the Pneumonia has just about resolved, he is off the oxygen & was just about skipping the halls afterwards!

Saturday, I headed back to New York City, this time with our daughter. Our first stop was the New York Public Library. Here is one of the famous lions that watch over the entrance. It was gorgeous inside! We only saw a few rooms, but they had amazing ceiling paintings, carved wood walls--it was like touring a museum!

On to Times Square & Broadway! Did lots of window shopping, a visit to the Hershey store and The M & M store where we came upon this fella:

On to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. If you have never been to a Hard Rock, they are filled with tons of musical memorabilia such as guitars, clothing, records, etc.

Last, but most importantly, we arrived at the Majestic Theatre to See:

The show was fabulous--our daughter's first real Broadway Show and she loved it!

Sorry this post was so long--thanks if you made it all the way through!

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Deb said...

Oh what daughter, my Mom and myself went to NY a few years ago...we stayed right down the street from St. Patricks the Pod...we walked past it every day going down to Radio City Music daughter took a week intensive with the Rocketts....we loved the M n M was fun...we went to the one in Vegas when we were there in February...not as big as the NY store...we also went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Majectic...oh it was a great glad you had fun! I loved seeing your photos...brought back fun memories..

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Oh what a wonderful time it seems you had..I envy you so much..I haven't been back to New York since we lived there for awhile when I was a child...Looks the weather was great for you too...