Monday, May 17, 2010

Slowing down a bit

Yes, I am slowing down...but only from the craft standpoint. I worked all weekend, just not at what I love! We had some help on Saturday to take up the carpets, cut them, and reinstall them in the rooms in our basement. Doesn't sound like too big a deal, but with moving the furniture upstairs and downstairs, it sure was. Yesterday, my husband used our cleaning machine to shampoo the rugs and they really came out great...maybe we should have left them-NOT! I went around taking all the pictures off the walls that are going to be painted and plastered some "extra holes" that we don't need anymore. I also finished repairing this spot. After taking up the rug in the living room, I needed to touch up the paint--Done! Two loads of laundry and planting of some final seeds outside & a little raking rounded out the day. No wonder I didn't get up until 8 am this morning!

Tomorrow they come to measure & will get back to us in a few days to make the installation appointment. Hopefully, the painting will be finished so we can make the date right away.

Well, that's my world right now...what's going on in yours?


Deb said...

you have been hard at work..

Marie S said...

I bet you are pooped after all of that work. Geesh!
I can hardly wait to see the carpets when you get them done. Did you get light ones again?
Have a great week.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I bet you think its all lovely now that I've graduated. The reality is the dog got into the trash and proceeded to get sick all over the carpets.
When can your husband be here to clean them? :)

Thanks for being one of my cheerleaders as I made my way to finish line. You rock!