Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday! Already?!!!

Where did the week go? Oh, I know where it went alright. It went to packing and moving into the garage three rooms of furniture. The wall unit of collected memories from life and vacations took me 2 days alone to wrap carefully & pack up. No, we are not moving...we decided to get new carpeting in the whole house with the exception of my husband's office. After almost 19 years, believe me, we have collected a lot of STUFF! I love it all and can't part with any of it. We are also having 2 rooms painted first. Hey, when the man gets an idea...I don't stand in his way!

Of the many things I have learned after 19 was not a great idea to get light carpets & have a kid. My daughter was really very neat & art projects were done in my work area, but over the years they faded terribly (I didn't think we even get that much sun!)and despite yearly shampooing they just don't come out perfectly. It has also been time for true confessions as my daughter fessed up and told me the stain by my computer chair that I never could figure out, came from an ice cream bar she ate one of the first times we left her alone. Her carpet also has a random pattern of spots from when she had a hamster & let him roll around in a ball in her room & pee where ever he wanted. Then, there is the bluish spot in the living room where a fluid filled toy that you squeeze and it keeps rolling in on itself leaked. She is 17 now, it's time.

Of course, I also heard..."Why are you finally getting new carpets when I am going off to college?" I told her it was a coincidence.

I did get a little time early in the week to finish piecing the quilt that I showed in my last post and to bead this pendant. I started with an old button from my stash and because it reminded me of a garden, I beaded it in colors for grass, water, and sun. Now, I'm off to oil painting class.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Deb said...

isn't it funny how no one knows where the stains came from till years later...some how they just happen to recall...I need new carpet but I'm holding out for wood floors instead....and I just pretend the carpet looks pretty...

Regina said... will feel as though you are in a new fresh and nice!! So wish that I was just packing to move to the garage..LOL!!'s about to kick my hiney for sure ^_^


Love the beaded medallion..beautiful as is all your work.

Marie S said...

Oh that is going to be so nice and wonderful when you get it in.
The pack though you could probably live with out. I have lived here for 29 years and I just dread the thought of moving..
I think I will just get a couple of huge dumpsters.
How did you find time to do the quilt and the beautiful pendant too??
Have a great weekend.

Marie S said...

I meant packing, brain working faster than fingers for once!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Oh my, that's a lot of work! You will have to show off your new floors when they are done. I will be putting wood floors in our Oregon home as I have allergies to dust mites and carpet really holds stuff no matter how much you vacuum. Love the vintage button and the beading! Turned out great. :-)

julietk said...

Thank you for your frequent comments on my blog your continued support is much appreciated. very pretty pendant. I have laminate floors everywhere except my bedroom because of the spills caused and traffic dirt by children in my flat. The original carpet lasted only a year :-)

Melissa said...

It is a button - so pretty - How do you hold the piece together? If I may ask?