Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book Review

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton is the delightful book I won during OWOH.

Chloe Hobbs is the owner of the local knit shop, "Stick and Strings", a place where the roving basket is never empty and you never drop a stitch! The story takes place in Sugar Maple, a tourist town in Vermont. The tourists are blissfully oblivious that the town is inhabited by Witches, Vampires, Fairies & Trolls. Chloe is single & it rests on her head to find a proper mate in order to continue the protective spell that enfolds the town. When the spell begins to weaken and the first ever murder occurs in Sugar Maple a Boston Cop is sent to investigate. Sparks literally fly as Chloe & Luke, the Cop, fall in love.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book--it was lighthearted, quick to read and even with the subject matter...not too outlandish! There are even some knitting patterns in the back of the book! All in all a fun romance.

After reading this book, I did a search and learned that there is a sequel, Laced With Magic which continues the story of Chloe and Luke. I may just request it from my local library.


Deb said...

interesting story...

quiltcrazygal said...

You are very lucky:) Must be those beautiful St. Patrick's Day pins you have beaded:) Thanks for stopping in to my blog and I look forward to coming to yours again:) Blessings