Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally Finished!

I have finally finished my custom order and although the pictures may look similar, I assure you...there are 60 french beaded Narcissus all together!

These are on their way to a Bride in Houston who plans to make a bouquet for herself and for her bridesmaids! Her wedding is near the end of March--I think she chose a perfect Spring flower!

Here is what they look like in two vases. I had a blast making these! They consumed most of my time morning, noon and nights for weeks--good thing I have a supportive husband! He did kid me that he was getting a lot of leftovers and pre-made meals out of the freezer! SO not true!

So what are you all doing this weekend--anyone going to Superbowl parties? We usually go locally to a friend's house--he makes the best wings! I'm doing a veggie platter and making some football sugar cookies. As for the game...I really am not that into football and we rarely stay till the end of the game because our daughter gets up at 5:45 am for school...but the food, yum!

Have a great weekend and Stay safe!


Beadwright said...

First off wowowowow!!! on the flowers. And second thank you again for making me smile. It is friends like you that help me get through this time. Thank you so much. Now for the third, YESSSS you do to know what colors look the best. LOL Hope you are chuckling back.

Nicole said...

wow they are great, i cant imagine how many hours went into making them :o)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I really love this idea. What a treasure.

Thank you so very much for the sweet wishes and tips for my upcoming trip.

nologic said...

Those are beautiful. I hope the bride sends you pictures of how she uses them.

Susan said...

truly you have been given a gift!!

What talent you have, these are so lovely!!