Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fiber & Trim Goodies!

Here is the fiber & trim package that I received from Jen from Adventures in Mixed Media. She has a neat blog and she makes wonderful ATCs.

Click on the picture & you can see the wonderful fibers, button, & trim. It all came wrapped so nice with fancy paper and a handmade tag card with a pink feather. Had I not been so excited to open the package, I could have showed you that, too! :)

It started snowing early, around 6 a.m., then turned to rain & now it is sleeting very hard. High School just let out and our daughter just go home. I'm thinking school will be canceled tomorrow. The heavy snow is supposed to start midday and go through the night until tomorrow--final totals to be seen!

Hope you are all warm and snug! I'm off to work on a custom order (which I will get around to showing you) and play with my giveaway goodies!


Beadwright said...

Great package of goodies. I love those kinds of treats. The sun is out here but not warm. Hey at least the sun is out.


Deb said...

you are a lucky girl...I didn't win any of the giveaways but I need meet some nice folks and found some cool blogs to follow..

Denise said...

Hey Sweetie! thanks for stopping over to see my little Izzie! I love your comments and they are so appreciated. You brighten my day! And yep, I am pouring all my heart and soul into these little gals!

Your giveaway.. WOW .. loads of fun with that! Perfect for a snow day! we are still waiting for the impact here. So far, snow all day and not much accumulation. Fun Fun! Snow days are great when you don't have to go out anywhere and can stay home and make art! Have fun and stay warm and safe! HUGZ!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful win!! I hope you are having all sorts of fun with it today...and I hope the snow didn't come in too strong!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I'm so glad you are pleased with your goodies. I have enjoyed meeting you and visiting your blog.