Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am so proud of myself!

Taronga Zoo's Wedge Tail Eagle Takes Flight In Sydney
I speak English, French, a smidge of Italian and Spanish, Husband, Teenage Daughter, and a few other obscure "languages"...but I don't speak computer, especially HTML. If I write down the steps to do something after my daughter has showed me for maybe the 10th time, there is a chance I can do it myself. I still don't get facebook although I recently made myself a fan page, and I am still hiding from Twitter. So why am I proud of myself?...

Did you see what post comes up first on my blog? Yup--that's right! My "One World, One Heart" giveaway post! Big deal, you say? Ok, I'll concede that was rather easy to figure out. What I am really proud of is that I was able to tweak the HTML code so that each of the comments on my posts are numbered! Now when my giveaway is over and I use the good old random number generator, I will be able to find the winner easily!Yes, I used a tutorial--so kindly put out by Susie, here. I did save a copy of my original code, not that I'd ever want to go back to the old way, but because it has not yet sunk in that this actually worked!

I feel renewed, rejuvenated, and ready to post again! I'm flying, but not too far from the ground for now!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, too!

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Beadwright said...

Hi I would like you to stop by to accept an award. It is for always bringing sunshine into my life.