Sunday, December 13, 2009

Horror on the Highway

So today we were supposed to go to a relative's home about an hour away for an annual Christmas Party. We look forward to this every year since we don't get to see many of these relatives any other time during the year. (My husband's side of the family)

I got up at 7 a.m., ate breakfast, and exercised on the elliptical for 30 minutes in anticipation for the wonderful feast I knew we would be treated to.

Next I started the cream puffs that I happily make every year as our contribution. Having made the cream last night, I was right on schedule. I made two recipes of about 2 1/2 dozen each and each tray bakes for a total of 35 minutes. In between, I ironed our clothes, cleaned the windshield of the car, polished my nails & changed the bed. We got in the car about 1:15 pm--slightly behind schedule, but still okay.

The weather was rainy and the temperature was hovering just at the freezing mark. We had less than one mile before we come to the entrance ramp of the highway, and the road was backed up before we even got on. An ambulance passed us a short time later--although at that time we did not know whether it went on the ramp or straight ahead. But that should have been our first clue. We decided to get onto the highway and see how it goes. I think we went less than one mile when we heard the traffic report about all the accidents, so we just decided to get off the next exit & go home. As we called the party host to give regrets, the traffic came to a complete stop. We were stuck there at a standstill for 2 hours.

My husband and daughter started eating the cream puffs--none of us had had lunch. I was too nervous. We shook our head at the man two cars back who got out of his car to relieve himself, and we gave directions to the car next to us who said they had no heat and were running out of gas. Oh, three more ambulances passed us on the shoulder of the road, so this must have been some accident.

I am thankful that we finally were able to get off the highway. The side roads by then were salted/sanded and we made it home safely. I took out the old pasta machine & made home made pasta--tomorrow is my husband's birthday & this is his favorite! While we feasted at home, we thought how fast plans can change, how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to disaster, and said a prayer for whomever those four ambulances went to assist.

Be safe this Christmas Season my bloggy friends!


jewelstreet said...

Scary! So glad to hear you and the family are okay.

Denise said...

Quite a story! It sure is a pickle when your mind is geared up for a certain destination and then it doesn't end up that way. Glad to hear you made it back home safe!