Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Party, Another Cancellation!

Yes, that's right...Our second holiday party invitation for last night wound up canceled, too. The weather again came into play when a nor'easter was predicted to dump 6-12" beginning after sunset & last till the next morning. In actuality, the snow did not start until 8 pm and we only got 4-5" total--not that I am complaining, however!

Obviously, I have not had time to start the ceiling project (see this post)because I have been baking goodies to take to the above party that never happened! Now our daughter will take some to school to give to the teachers who wrote her college recommendation letters. I have also been running back & forth to the supermarket almost everyday to purchase carefully timed ingredients for Christmas Eve & Day dinners. I hate that the ceiling won't be done & we are having a housefull for Christmas Day--but I'm getting over that.

Our daughter has now been accepted to 7 of the 9 colleges that she applied to! Yipee! We are all so happy that she has been accepted to her first & second choices. We are awaiting the decisions of the last two and then we will plan to visit all the possibles again so a decision can be made--but a lot of the pressure is off!

So things are coming together quite nicely! I'm trying to stay organized, as in what needs to be done when, and I am finding that Christmas is a finely timed holiday! In the next day or so I will be doing a few posts to show you some of our Christmas decorations, but for now I leave you with this....

The Nativity has been in my husband's family for many, many years. My Mom, who passed away in 2003, made the stable. Two very special heirlooms come together to identify the most important part of Christmas. It's all about Jesus, family and tradition!

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