Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Snowing!!!

Yes, those drippy white streaks you see in the photo are snow! I can't believe we are only midway through October & it is snowing. Fortunately, it isn't sticking yet.

Yesterday, our daughter came home with the news that there is a "glitch" in the system at school & the Common Application won't be able to be submitted electronically, so therefore, the deadline for requesting transcripts for Early Action is tomorrow Oct. 15! We spent all afternoon & till about 9 pm completing the application, supplements, addressing envelopes & getting others printed on the computer while at the same time she tried finishing her Chemistry AP homework & studying for a Psych test. Thanks for the notice, ...High School! Good thing we had some candy corn in the house!

Saturday we are going to look at the University of Massachusetts Amherst so I hope the weather is ok!

If all this weren't enough, my Dad has decided that the time is now to have a total knee replacement.

It's hard to be productive when so much is going on. So how's life treating you?

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Moose! So nice to hear from you - I can't believe it's snowing there. My husband and I took our Harley Davidson up from PA through upstate NY through to Vermont and back. I loved upstate NY - that is where you are, right? My husband grew up in that area. We have been leaning toward heading out to Colorado/Montana area in three years when our girl graduates - but we loved upstate NY so much we may head up your way. Want to buy a house and lots of land in the mountains. You guys have so many cool things going on up there - so many types of farms with festivals, wool, fibers, arts, agriculture, etc. - just what I'm looking for - for the next chapter of life. E-mail me when you get the chance and tell me about where YOU live and if you like it.
Love you pictures and your recent projects. How's ETSY doing for you? Business is starting to pick up for me.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.