Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breaking Dawn & Shop News

Well, I actually finished Stephanie Meyer's Vampire Series & I must say I really liked them. The last installment, Breaking Dawn, did get a little unbelievable at times. See, I almost could believe what was happening in all the rest of the books, but Ms. Meyer seemed to save all the kooky stuff for this last one! I still loved them! I ordered the Twilight DVD from the library so hopefully it will come in soon. I see New Moon is either already finished or in production. My daughter tells me she caught a rumor on the internet that Ms. Meyer is going to rewrite all the books from Edward's point of view. I doubt that I would read them....but that's what I said about the series originally. What do you think...would you read them?

I'm working hard to restock my Etsy shop, and here are two of my latest additions--French Beaded Dragonfly plant sticks.

That's about all for now. I'm hoping to get to do more painting outside around the house by the weekend. Everyday until then is calling for possible showers, and you know Murphy's Law!

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