Friday, May 1, 2009

Well this week sure flew right by! Just the usual chauffeuring my daughter back & forth to Driver's Ed & evening AP History Review classes. Plus there were 2 days right after school where the teachers gave practice AP tests so, she spent an additional 3 hours sitting for 2 of those.

With the warm weather, I started washing windows & drapes and got the entire upstairs done. I took a day or so to rest up before tackling downstairs, but, "unfortunately" it's raining today & is expected to rain off and on through next Tuesday. I guess I'll have to wait a week or so to finish up.

Just so you don't think I haven't been doing anything....I've posted so photos of french beaded flowers/arrangements that I created this week. I am actually planning to put them up on Ebay this weekend. I have had some recent success there & that is my current plan--to try them there first & put them up gradually on Etsy if they haven't sold on Ebay in a month's time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

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