Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Custom Order Finished!

Our family had a very nice Easter. My father came to spend the day with us, and he, who has just turned 83, had fun playing Wii Golf with his granddaughter (16). We had a nice dinner of ham, sweet potato casserole & veggies. It was a huge ham so besides sending him home with a bunch, I'm making split peas soup tonight. Later on we went to visit nearby friends whose daughter & son-in-law were there with their one-month old. I had forgotten what holding a tiny one feels like!

I finally finished the custom order for rose corsages that I spoke about in previous posts. Just as I was finishing up the sixth one, my customer ordered 6 more in a smaller size. I was pleased with hos they turned out and can't wait to hear some feedback from her. The colors were, of course, to her specification.

Now, I am working on the "flower of the month" for April for my Etsy shop. I'll post some pictures when I am done.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter or Passover season.

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