Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful weekend!

Friday night was our daughter's Junior Prom. I didn't go to my oil painting class Friday afternoon because there was a ton of stuff to be done. Above is a photo of her just leaving the house. She absolutely fell in love with this eggplant colored Calvin Klein dress in Macy's. We had to order it in a smaller size & I still had to take it in for her. The top is all sequins with a fitted midriff & a flowing skirt. It was also lined--so I had double the hem work to do! It came with a jacket with long stole pieces which I cut off. With the fabric that was left over from the jacket, I made her a matching clutch! I also made silk flowers for her hair.

So we left to meet at another friend's house with 11 others who were going in her limo. Needless to say, there was much photo-taking, giggling, and some bewildered looks from the guys before they took off for the Prom.

After the actual Prom, they all went back to yet another friend's house to change & be driven to the High School for the post prom party. This is something our school does every year to provide continued fun for the kids in a safe environment. We heard from her several times during the evening before she returned with the group to sleep at a friend's. Saturday afternoon they had a barbeque and played some lawn games & basically just chilled out. Of course, after that & much of Sunday she was wiped out!

Thanks for letting me share!

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