Monday, March 2, 2009

I have the urge to sing...

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing, it is only 18 degrees and yes, school is closed yet again! Surely this must be the last of the days they built in to the school calendar. We were supposed to go to a meeting at the school this morning for Junior parents, about college application procedures, etc, but that was canceled, too.

We have at least 8" of snow already and it ain't over yet! Fortunately, we fixed the belts on the snow blower on Saturday! We've been so spoiled with warmer weather lately, it is humbling to remember that we can actually have big snowstorms right up into April. No wonder I can never get a decent garden going!

I 3/4 done with the first pin I am beading & will hopefully have it up tomorrow. Today will be filled with ironing, making soup and challenging my daughter to some rousing games of Wii Tennis and Bowling!

Hope you're not snowed in like me! Have a great day!


Sock Monkey said...

Howdy! Dropping by fromm sits. Meet Sock Monkey. He is looking forward to meeting new people.

Sock Monkey

jewelstreet said...

Look at all that snow! I kind of wish we had had that much, but as usual, we didn't. I'm so tired of winter. Bring on Spring!

And, hey, I want Sock Monkey to come visit me!

~*Liz*~ said...

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Debora Dennis said...

I love looking at others in the snow-filled world as me! We got close to 14 inches and I'm soooo ready for spring. Enjoy that soup - it's the perfect weather for it that's for sure! :)