Monday, February 9, 2009

The Meaning of Roses

Did you know that each color of rose has a different significance? Something you might want to keep in mind with Valentine's Day fast approaching.

Red Roses: Traditionally red roses signify love and romance.

Pink Roses: A symbol of grace and can also be used to convey feelings of appreciation
and admiration.

Yellow Roses: A symbol of friendship.

White Roses: Traditionally a symbol of purity and new beginnings which is why they are
so often chosen for weddings.

Orange Roses: Symbolize passion and excitement & rival the red rose.

Blue Roses: Symbolize mystery.

This year when you are considering purchasing some roses for that special someone, why not consider some french beaded ones? With very little care they will last forever! If I don't currently have the color you are looking for, I will be glad to make it up!

My next special for Valentine's Day week is: 25% off any rose arrangement or 20% off any rose corsage already in my shop.

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