Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keeping Busy!

Well, as I mentioned, school is in recess this week, so our daughter is keeping me plenty busy!

Yesterday, we took her over to DMV to get her Learner's Permit. She's already started Driver's Education which includes 16 (?) hours of driving lessons. Oddly enough, in NY, you can drive on the road with a Driving School without a permit, but not with parents. I actually cheated & took her in a parking lot just so she could feel what it was like before she started lessons. Anyway, now she is legal to learn. Even with school out she had driving lessons today. There are usually 4 to a car, but 2 of her friends could not make it this week, so the instructor split the lesson for her and another kid.

I can't believe it's snowing today. After the milder weather we have been having, I have no patience for more snow! But, it keeps me inside and beading up a "storm". (pun intended, tee hee!)

Here is my latest creation--french beaded violets, the flower for February. I arranged them in the neat vase I picked up. It is a woven basket with a ceramic liner. It is available in my shop.

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