Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupid's Arrow

As everyone knows, Cupid is the "official" symbol of Valentine's Day. How much do you know about cupid?

Cupid in Roman Mythology is the God of erotic love. His counterpart in Greek Mythology is called, Eros. Cupid is never without his bow and quiver of arrows. It is said if you are hit with Cupid's arrow that you will fall in love.

The legend of Cupid's arrow stems from the story about Venus, the Goddess of Beauty. It seems Venus was jealous of Psyche's beauty, and she asks Cupid to use one of his arrows to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. Supposedly, Cupid "accidentally" pricks himself with the arrow and falls in love with Psyche himself messing up Venus’ plan.

I think Cupid knew a good thing when he saw it! What do you think? Have you been hit with Cupid's arrow?

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